5 favorite Hollywood Prom Style dresses!

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

Prom style dresses are magnificent and absolutely breathtaking if chosen correctly. To be honest, you can be any body shape, type, or size, and you’ll always look mesmerizing & straight out of a fairytale in a prom-style dress. Personally, I have never been to Prom because we didn’t have that kind of things back in India. However, the many soirées I’ve attended in beautiful prom style dresses have been enough for me to see the beauty in them.

So, this weekend, I took off gave me time and space to rekindle my love for some timeless romcoms with beautiful prom style dresses. I actually feel so inspired that I’ve decided to share 5 of my favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses.

First of all, let’s establish what I mean by ‘prom-style’ dresses. Well, it’s no news that I love tulle and prom dresses in tulle are just my forever crush! However, prom-style dresses are basically any extravagant evening gowns/dresses. So, this encompasses everything from actual prom dresses to even bridesmaid gowns. That also means that you can easily swap one for another. Like you can swap photos using wedding photo sharing services from weddingphotoswap.com!

It is given that these dresses look great on everyone as soon as you’ve found the prom dresses that suit you. 

After all, it can’t only be me swooning over those tulle and sequin bridesmaid dresses (or those magnificent ones worn in the prom scenes, but those are for another article). Some of them are so fantastic that even with ‘big kiss scene’ set up, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but the beauty of these fabulous prom style dresses. This obviously doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge the absolute worst of the bridesmaid dresses, like in ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and more. I mean, what was even that!

But let’s talk about the unmistakably beautiful ones for now!


My Top Swoon-Worthy Prom style dresses:


1. Sex and the City 2

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

Of course, I start with those exceptionally fabulous couture gowns from Sex and the City. Honestly, can any fashionista ever get over them, stop kidding. While each bridesmaid looks unique and effortlessly beautiful, the panache in each dress is striking and powerful.


2. Confessions of a Shopaholic

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

In theory, this would be a ridiculous dress with rainbow layered tulle and leopard print top. However, in reality, this is one of the most unique and beautiful bridesmaid dresses I’ve ever seen. You may actually see me wearing one of those if my close friend decides to get married anytime soon!


3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

Only and only Kate Hudson could’ve convinced me that red makes for such an amazing bridesmaid outfit. The off-shoulder dress looks breathtaking and minimalist, all at once.


4. The Wedding Crashers

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

The perfect dress for fall with classy cami style and rich fabric. I would love this dress in an evening party as much as in outdoor set-up, barring the winds!


5. Twilight – The Breaking Dawn

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

Despite not getting the best frame of these in the picture, I put these on the list for being the most functional yet beautiful Hollywood bridesmaid dresses. And all that while maintaining the uniqueness factor, too.


Aren’t all these just fabulous! Which one is your favorite? Are you inspired by any in particular?

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