5 favorite Indian Ethnic Footwear: Summer 2018

5 favorite Indian Ethnic Footwear: Summer 2018

While Paris may still be cold with delusioned Spring, India has already embraced summer. It may be the nostalgia or the beautiful Indian ethnic footwear my girlfriends from back home have been sporting that I have been forced to create my own wishlist.  Honestly, I also miss it since I definitely miss wearing that in Paris (blame practicality). In fact, I’m so inspired that I started looking around for newer websites and portals to create my own shopping list for when I visit India the next time.

Now, you will notice that all these products are linked to a beautiful Indian Ethnic Website – Jivaana.com. It sure is because I’ve partnered with them to curate this wishlist. And it sure was an interesting story. When I stumbled upon Jivaana while searching for some cool stuff, I asked if I could use their beautiful products to include in my wishlist, as a standard procedure. What I ended up discovering was much more than just the beautiful products they have. Jivaana.com not only offers a thoughtfully curated ensemble of Indian ethnic products but is also a supporter of indigenous designers and the concepts of sustainable fashion. With something for everyone from all walks of life, this website became my latest crush after knowing that! Plus, they also ship worldwide…so, definitely too (much) good to pass.

Cut to, me raiding their ladies footwear online section and here’s a list of-

My 5 favorite Indian Ethnic Footwear for Summer 2018:

1. Kolapuri Chappals: Spades

Kolapuri Chappals: Spades

Honestly, I’ve never really liked Kolhapuris but when I saw these, I just fell in love. This beautiful piece called Spades is a  candy-striped, pink tassel chappal with beautiful finish work. Perfect for all your band Baja Barat moments, casual crushes, and more. Definitely my recommendation when it comes to chappals for women.

2. Jardosi Mojdi Heels


There’s no better way of putting your trendy foot forward but in this super elegant piece. The style is a trendy take on a classic and the color is definitely a must-have for the summer. This time of open heel footwear is super versatile, too. You can wear it with Saris as well as Payjamis!


3. Full Spyke Juttis

Full Spyke Juttis

This pair screams power. A stunning indo-western fusion piece from the Summer Indian Ethnic Footwear selection. I would wear this with jeans or the ethnic outfit, alike!


4. Glitterati Silver Backless Juttis

Glitterati Silver Backless Juttis

A Gucci-esque take on the Juttis has got me excited like a toddler. And the glitter is such a plus! I can’t wait to wear these with a monochrome outfit!


5. Peach El Pajaro Juttis

Peach El Pajaro Juttis

If you are honestly looking at a jutti online, this is where your search would end. I mean just look at the stunning detail. This piece is capable of making any bland outfit stand out!


So, that was my wishlist of the Indian Ethnic Footwear for Summer 2018. What do you think about it? Do you want something more or have different ideas? Share in comments below and don’t forget to get these from Jivaana.com!

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