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The make-up ritual is very personal to a lady and especially a fashion addict. This season is not about sketchy lines drawn haphazardly on your face; make-up this time around is all about definition, expression and structure. We unraveled various looks that emerged on the runway that spoke of a dalliance with tiny flowers, smoky eyes, bold streaks and striking faces. Eyes can certainly speak of mysteries hidden deep within our hearts, and captivating eye-makeup is the pre-requisite to nailing the greatest beauty looks of the season. It’s really all about the eyes! There is also an increased attempt at doing away with promiscuous shades; after all, promiscuity is all about the soul that resides within. Let your face reveal the best in you and shine brighter than ever before! We’ve observed the make-up tricks that sizzled the runways this season, and let’s say that you guys are in for a real treat. Read up on how to go for a face-gloss that makes you abundantly glorious in your own skin. 



Let the flower-child in you hum a little melody with this wonderful make-up tip. A flower-child is typically a free-filled, youthful individual who embraces the ideals of love,peace and simplicity. Give into simple pleasures by cutting down on loud make-up. Give your eyes minimal definition by applying a light dash of mascara. Better still, you can make your look particularly scintillating with a dextrous finish of smoky eye- shadow around the corners. Use a lip shade that complements the natural color of your lips. Keep your skin clear of any incongruous colors or foundation. Moving on to your hair, let loose a couple of strands or bangs, if you’re tieing them up away from the face. Otherwise, you can pretty much let your glorious waves frame your face and add delicate, floral hair bands or clips to keep them in place.

Don’t make me lash at you!


Strikingly long lashes are sublime. Also, batting your lovely lashes can get you out of any sticky spot in life. Well, almost! This time around, lashes have taken a rather dramatic turn. Heavily mascarraed eyes are no longer as favored, ever since the new power symbol has emerged. Thin, long lashes are making quite a presence as opposed to thick, droopy, mascarra painted lashes. Intended to make the eyes look bigger, these lashes are infusing with a hint of wide-eyed virtue. Lashes are to speak for themselves, so the other aspects of make-up have to be as natural as can be. Settling for earthy or grounded lip colors will help you achieve this lovely-lashed look.

The Super Stroke


Going wild with color is what designers Maison Margeila and Missoni had in mind. A straight-forward streak wouldn’t have sufficed. A bold dash of color superimposed on the eyelid has created sheer magic on the runway. This powerful dash of color extends up to the eyebrows, giving your eyes an edgy definition. Try vivacious yellows and blues and if you’d prefer some shine go all out for a stroke of silver. As with the previous hacks, keep your face free of any traces of excessive makeup. Play with nude shades so that your eyes can speak volumes for your indomitable personality.

Lines of Sensuality


Women are powerful and proud, but do we really channelize our lethal charms into our makeup rituals? Here we aren’t alluding to a rough, smattering of color. This makeup hack is aimed at creating artistic, black lines in a way to emphasize your sensuality. The color black in itself is dominating and enigmatically alive. Underlining eyebrows with a thick black stroke or marking black artistic lines around the eyes can certainly bring out the devil in you; we obviously mean it in a positive way! Go all out and grab some black!

The Blue Smokescreen


Blue titillates the senses and is relatable to quiet charm. Swim in the deep realms of blue, by marking your eyes with interesting blue hues. Keep your hair drawn back charmingly, so that your eyes can receive bountiful compliments. And yet again, stick to natural lip shades and foundation base. Choose a blue that is versatile and can match the various colors of your outfits.

Unlock the untold stories behind those eyes and stay effortlessly gorgeous!

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