5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

As a person who uses her creativity as an escape, I often find myself uninspired but the music keeps me going. Let me give you some context. I pride myself as a blogger and more recently as a digital artist sharing my stories mainly using my website and Instagram. However, this is not a profession for me. I have a whole different career and as a someone in the last leg of my Post Grad education, I’m actually shuffling between two jobs to feed my hustle. Blogging/Instagramming is another extension to my life by proxy as I use it to keep myself creatively motivated and also share my content. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t make a considerate amount of money through my blog but still does not reflect my main career objectives in any way.


That said, when you’re working for about 50 hours a week and top it with something like blogging that needs at least 7-10 hours more/week, it can be challenging to keep yourself motivated. I have talked about it at length in my article about my struggles with blogging. Today, however, I want to focus on what actually keeps me inspired amidst it all. Well, it’s obvious from the title of the article – Music.


Music has always been a big stimulator for me since I was a child. I am a trained classical singer and I can play a few instruments (even though I’m terribly out of practice now). Furthermore, like most people, I use music to combat anxiety (it’s scientifically proven, look it up) and even focus. With all that dependence, it’s only obvious that music will rub off its vibe on me and put me in a mood or state of mind much quicker than you’d anticipate.


Now, I have a huge variation in my playlist. I go from classical to pop to metal to rap in a flip. I truly enjoy all kinds of music in many languages. However, there are certain songs that I use for certain things. Yeah, exactly how genres work. Since I was really feeling the incoming summer winds and this new vibe of incoming May winds, I wanted to curate in this article 5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity.

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

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5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

It was quite difficult to shorten my list so I would say while these always work, my ‘music inspirations’ is not limited to these. However, owing to the kind of music, vibe, & often the aesthetic these artists emulate, they really are my go to and even recommendation for the ‘creative vibe’ seekers.


5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity


1. Lana Del Rey

American Songwriter, musician, singer, and my spirit person. Lana Del Rey is someone I was introduced to as a teen. Her influence is very evident on whatever I sought to ‘create’. Everything from the melody to the aesthetic, she’s my forever go to seek creativity.

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

2. Coke Studio

Okay, so this is not one music artist but a plethora of many Indian & Pakistani musicians & singers. However, I keep them all in one under this studio because it is literally my go-to playlist whenever I crave desi music. Other than being so amazing & diverse, the songs are often studio renditions of local folk songs and that makes it all the more enthralling.

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

3. Cigarettes After Sex

This American ambient pop band goes back to 2008 but I only got into to it recently. I love them for their signature ethereal, limerent and often a dream-like musical style. The lyrics are always rich & poetic but melancholic at the same time. I also agree with the popular notion that the lead singer’s voice is rather “androgynous”, which makes it more inclusive in terms of reliability. I love to relax & work to this music, equally.

4. The Lumineers

This American Rock Folk band is my next pick for their story-telling songs & videos. I spent the entire 2017 obsessing over how genius their Cleopatra Album was and the three videos they released to tell the story of the ‘protagonists’. I always enjoy a cinematic experience but that stitched in a musical experience is what gives me life.

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

5. Queen

Obviously the greatest Rock band of all times. Queen is here at the end because it basically is a summation. A summation of all the things I feel drawn to in a musical experience.  Moreover, it’s inspirational, diverse, and story-rich even for the band members, it represents. So, well, if Queen won’t inspire me, who can!

Special Mentions:

Nancy Sinatra

Amy Winehouse


Selena Gomez

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

So, that’s the end of my list of 5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity. I think there’s definitely a common melancholic vibe in all these artists I listen to but then they also represent ‘experimentative’ aesthetics & just a whole wide range of genres they represent. I mean me being inspired by them is just a nod to the actual creativity & effort they put in their art form, which is obviously much more superior.


I’d love to get music recommendations from you in the comments below. And be generous!


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