5 Must have Expensive looking Cheap Bags

5 Must have Expensive looking Cheap Bags

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! This one is going to be with some very, very substantial information for all of us lurking shoppers. I mean, if you’re a shopaholic like I am well, you do need some cheap stuff every now and then (cause who’ll pay all the bills.) So, here’re a list of 5 expensive looking Cheap bags, I’ve found out after a long research. Big shoutout to Kraftly for bringing these together, by the way, because otherwise these steals on bags and wallets wouldn’t have been possible.

What separates these bags from all the other cheap deals you’ve been looking at is that they looking awfully classy and in fact, very chic looking. And, you can double them up with formal and informal wear, equally and, feel and look rad. I mean, I’d carry them even in the Parisian Streets and get away as a style-aware a person that I am. These bags are minimalist and up your style quotient almost instantly. More importantly, you don’t have to skim through the tons of bags at the flee markets to find that one and are saved from the crowd, too. (Who likes crowd, ever, anyway.)

So, without further ado here’s the list!

1) Tan Sling Bag

You really need no excuse to buy this chic and minimalist tan sling bag. It is spacious and hold potential to add dimensions to all of your casual outfits. Looks the best with Bohemian/ Gypsy styles.




2) The Almost Celine Bag

If Bags excite you then you’ve certainly heard about the Louis Vuittion Celine bag and well, this is just almost that. And while it doesn’t look like a copy of the original, it sure is almost as classy and chic to go with your formal outfit and turn you to a complete corporate classic!




3) The artistic sling

Thinking about pleasing the artiste freak in you? Think no more, just buy this beauty. It is so vintage and yet so hip that well, we’re head over heels! :’)




4) The checkered black bag

Now, now, now. This one has to be our most favourite bag for it is minimalist and yet finds the right balance with its detailed elements. I mean, look at those handles! :’) (Buying it to go with my City Chic Look!)




5) The Essentials’ Sling

Well, to complete this collection of my utmost favourites, it would be unfair to leave this gem out. A small and uber sexy sling, I’ll use it to carry my cards and phone for the next party or even long travel outings. I mean, look at this beauty, you’d take it for the classy missy you are, won’t you?



Head to Kraftly now to find these awesome bags in your budget and many more!

Stay Ertsy, be your own desire! xx


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