5 off beat things to do in Geneva

5 off beat things to do in Geneva

Hola Ertsy Fam! If you missed out on my last two blogs that were all about my adventures in and around the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva, here’s just another one for you. Despite being the second largest city in Switzerland, Geneva is fairly small and less populated. The quiet may even throw you off to believe that there’s nothing too interesting in it but don’t fret. The usual touring spots include the Jet d’eau, the Mont Blanc Bridge, and the Old town. However, if you do need some insights into the off-beat things to do in Geneva, you’ve reached the right place.

Before you dive in, here’s a brief history of the city:

The history of Geneva dates from before the Roman occupation in the second century BC. Now the principal French-speaking city of Switzerland, Geneva was an independent city-state from the Middle Ages until the end of the 18th century. It houses many Protestant monuments.

Now, about the things to do in Geneva:

1. Chocolate Factory Tour

5 off beat things to do in Geneva

So, basically, you can call into a nearby chocolate factory in Geneva and go there for a chocolate tour. The tour walks you through the amazing making process. The biggest plus is that you can taste some of the best, smoothest Swiss chocolates, first hand!

2. Test Drive a Sports Car

off beat things to do in Geneva

Another awesome thing you can do for no price is test driving a sports car here. You can simply walk into a Tesla showroom and ask for a sports car test drive in the beautiful Swiss valleys. The ride would be short but definitely worth it and power packed.

3. Chill on the longest bench in the world

5 off beat things to do in Geneva

So, a less known fact about Geneva is that it has literally the longest bench in the whole world. The view from up there is everything you’d have hoped for and more. When taking a walk through the old town in the city, you’re led to this beautiful place. If the weather is on your side, sit there, chill or even sleep. (One of the best things to do in Geneva tbh.)

4. Plainpalais Fleamarket

This is a Saturday Farmer’s Market and a must do if you’re looking to do some cheap and fresh shopping in the city. It is also a fantastic way to indulge with the locals and understand the local culture better.

5. Hike on Mont Salève

Getting Lost in Mont Salève, literally!

If you’ve already read about my first ever hiking adventure you do know of how big a fan of hiking and Mont Salève in general have I become. So, this local mountain is hardly any distance from Geneva and you can take a direct bus to it. Other than hiking, you can take a cable car up, too. Have a lot of fun seeing down from the “Balcony of Geneva”!


So, that was my list of off-beat things to do in Geneva, if you know of any more, leave them in the comments below. Catch my Travel in Style adventures next week right here. Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire. x


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