5 Outfits to Rock on your Beach-holiday!

Now that summer is here, I’m sure a fashion vacation is on your mind!

Excited about your first trip to Goa or another beach for that matter? Want to go shopping for the trendy clothes? If so, then you must first learn about what to wear on the hot beaches. It will help you look stunning and save you from being embarrassed due to wearing the wrong type of clothes. Here’s a list of 5 types of clothes that will make you look gorgeous and stay comfortable on the beaches.

  • Sarongs:
    If you wish to look a bit different than usual on a beach then you should try a sarong. The best part about sarongs is that they are lightweight and colourful. They will make you cheer a bit more as they are very colourful. Also, you will never feel uncomfortable in them as they are very lightweight. You can also use them as a skirt, head wrap, halter or a scarf. Amazon has a pretty good collection of sarongs that cost even less than Rs. 300 and hence are worth checking out.
  • Bikinis:

    Bikinis are very common on the beaches of Goa. If you are wearing one, you will never feel embarrassed but a part of the crowd. If you are not sure that which Bikini set would suit you then you must check out the Paytm website. They offer a wide range of bikinis. We particularly like the metallic finish, solid colours and hot colours options offered there.
  • Jumpsuits:
    Jumpsuits are also a good option when you are visiting Goa. You can pick a bit formal jumpsuit for you hotel stays and you can pick out a sleeveless or strapless jumpsuit for beach wear. Elitify has a good collection of branded and highly fashionable jumpsuits. All the products are imported from the USA so you can be sure of high quality. The best thing about these jumpsuits is that you can wear them on various occasions like casual friends’ get together or even office parties when you return from your beach trip.
  • Long Gowns:
    For those of you who are a bit shy of showing off some skin, Limeroad has a nice collection of beachwear long gowns and dresses. You can browse from chic and stylish options that will make you feel young. Almost all the gowns are offered by a different seller so you get the best variety. You also get the option of exploring similar gowns when you click on one which will make your shopping experience better.
  • T-shirts and Shorts Combo:
    T-shirts and shorts are a no fail at the Goa beaches. They will help you sport a casual look and you can lie in them for the entire day and night on a beach. American Swan has an awesome collection of over 100 T-shirts. You can even include polo’s in your search if you are planning to play some sports at the Goa beaches. They also have over 50 shirts/shorts to offer that you can match up with the t-shirts to get a combo that will make you look stylish and casual at once.


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  1. Very informative article; amazingly written.
    I can now gift my girlfriend (imaginary) a good piece of bikini set.
    Don’t judge me, ok!

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