5 Pieces of Jewellery to create your own Moda Gothica

5 Pieces of Jewellery to create your own Moda Gothica

Ertsy Fashionistaaaas! Hola! If you’ve seen our Moda Gothica #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek already, you know how far we are in demand to share with you about how to create that look for yourself. If you haven’t already, what are you even waiting for. :3 So, now, that you have understood all about the Moda Gothica, let us share with you about all the preparation that goes into creating the look. Especially, the Jewellery.

Whether it is about deciding the theme, embracing the location and set-up or giving it an ertsy edge with the style nuances we use in it. Creating a look is all about looking for inspiration and creating your own, too. And while there are many ways of finding that, jewellery is the easiest and the catchiest one.


1) Hand Cuffs

Classy and very vintage in aesthetic, this is all you need for the Moda Gothica if you’re into minimalist fashion like me. It is bold and edgy all at the same time. Alternate Look: Vintage Vendredi!

Buy here


2) Ankle Chains

Awesome for beaches, awesome for the gothic aesthetics and these are bound to give a bounce to your feat. *wink* Alternate Look: Beach Skirt and Splurge

Buy here


3) Black Ring Set

This ring-set is awesome and looks amazing and very, very stylish. It will go awesomely with all of your evening gowns and cocktail-dresses, too. Alternate Look: The Silhouette Gold!

Buy Here


4) Choker Set

Well, these would look amazing with your gothic look in the minimalist fashionista sense of the world and with your 90-s chic look, too. Basically, choker sets are my personal favourite and no other come-back trend has made me happier than this one, to be honest. Alternative Look: Casuella

Buy Here


5) Body Chain

Body Chains are classy, sassy, sexy and the cleanest way of looking awesome, even in the Moda Gothica look, I’ve used a beautiful neck-piece which can be well replaced with a great body-chain like such. Alternate Look: Artiste Freak

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So, do look at these and more awesome jewellery pieces on Kraftly and create your own Gothic look and many other ertsy look of the weeks, too. Stay Ertsy and be your own desire! x


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