5 Questions that will help determine your Mental Health

While we do talk about Fashion and Travel Lifestyle, a big part of it all is mental health and we believe that as a a community it is imperative we discuss about it. Mental Illness Awareness means recognizing that mental illness is as real as any physical illness. Therefore, at the end of Mental health Awareness day, I’m republishing this article with some much needed edits to help the Ertsy fam determine the causes of psychological disorders.

There’s a lot to think about and a lot to change in this domain as today the whole world faces a very high number of depressed teens and youth and with little to no awareness about mental health. Perplexed by the news, however, we were compelled to talk about this issue in the light of the need for awareness and attention to this long-pending issue.

The biggest issue faced by some NGOs and the Psychologists trying to help the cause is the fact that neither the youth nor people around them are unable to understand that something in their mental health is not quite right. The pressure that they’re usually put under from the beginning of the time makes them accustomed to the recurring anxiety and related disorders and the lack of awareness about the issues adds to the fire.

I’ve written some more about Social Anxiety and Self esteem issues if you’d like to read. Better yet, see your nearest psychologist or psychiatrist for help.

Here are a list of five questions you should ask yourself today in order to be aware about your mental health:


1. Does eating not interest you?

5 Questions that will help determine your Mental Health

If you’re not eating well or binge eating, or you’re simply not enjoying food, either it is time to change the cook or change the way you’ve been addressing your mental well-being.


2. Do you opt out of plans just because you see no point in going out and then feel bad about being excluded?


5 Questions that will help determine your Mental Health
Social Anxiety is definitely a thing and so is social laziness but social deprivation is one big sign of the onset or that of receding depression.


3. Do you find it difficult to concentrate on things that don’t require physical activity like reading a book or watching TV?

5 Questions that will help determine your Mental Health
Platonic activities like reading a book or watching TV don’t require an active brain activity. Now, if your brain is unable to give its best during these platonic activities, you may have something to worry about.


4. Have you been feeling that you’re letting yourself down or your parents or everyone around you in general by making the choices that you are?

5 Questions that will help determine your Mental Health
This is the most obvious one. If you’re feeling that irrespective of how hard you try or what you do, you’ll just end up disappointing yourself or people around you, MAKE THE APPOINTMENT NOW!


5. Are you not spending time in taking care of yourself?


5 Questions that will help determine your Mental Health

We, Ertsy people sure know how to take care of ourselves and no matter how simplistic you’re if you don’t feel like taking care of yourself even in the most basic ways, you have a great deal of revelation waiting for you. If I were you, I’d make the call, NOW!

If you’re answering a ‘yes’ to any of the questions asked above, right now is the time to see a psychologist or a counselor and help yourself into a mentally healthy self! The best way to a stable mind is to talk and address it! If someone tells you otherwise, try talking to anyone but them.

Furthermore, I wish more Power to all those fighters and survivors. And of course, deepest condolences victims who succumbed to the pressure and was damaged enough to take such an extreme step. Only hoping, another life lost will pass a lesson.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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