5 reasons why I prefer Paytm & you should too

5 reasons why I prefer Paytm & you should too

If you don’t know already, I’m going to be in India for all of the summer. So, obviously, I need to re-equip myself with all I’ll need to do when there. One essential in any digitally motivated economy like India is to have an e-wallet. So, I did my research and came across Paytm- an Indian e-wallet application which is not only one of the fastest, most widely accepted payment modes in the country but also a lot more.


Basically, you log onto the Paytm website or download their application and land up with a one-stop-shop to do it all. It’s literally that simple and I don’t even need to exaggerate how flawlessly efficient their system is. As an expat/tourist planning a trip inside India can come with many stresses but managing finances can certainly be easier with Paytm, too. Which is what motivated to make this list.

5 reasons why I prefer Paytm & you should too

Without further ado, 5 reasons why I prefer Paytm & you should too:


  1. On the Go Transactions

You could be traveling through anywhere in the country and can transfer Money or make direct transactions using this awesome app. No, seriously, you’d be surprised by how all vendors, big or small, in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India accept Paytm. In fact, other than making e-commerce transactions, Paytm is used extensively for direct transfers to make payments. Even at farmers’ markets! If that’s not a perk!

5 reasons why I prefer Paytm & you should too

  1. Special Paytm offers

You know what makes travel better? Lucrative offers! If you browse the shop function of the application, you can actually find exclusive Paytm offers on just about everything ranging from flight tickets to even clothes. So, you don’t have to look around for any offers or coupons elsewhere. You see, I wasn’t kidding when I said that it truly is a one-stop-shop.



  1. Book Train Tickets

If you know anything about Indian train tickets’ system, you know that getting anything done from this biggest monopoly of the world is no piece of cake. I mean, you’re worthy of awards of highest honor if you can get yourself to even access their website much less do anything on it. So, the only option is to turn to an agent who charges you way more for the same ticket or cry in the corner while frustration takes over your spirits amidst attempting the DIY. BUT! What if I tell you there’s another option? Yes! Paytm Train Ticketing!

5 reasons why I prefer Paytm & you should too

Yes! You can complete your railway ticket booking in less than 50 seconds using the Paytm service and get hassle-free tickets.


  1. Scan and Use QR codes

Track your food deliveries or check out some quirky e-greetings, just scan the QR code and go. You can even scan the code from pictures already in your gallery. I mean if this is not taking itself beyond the realms of a traditional payment solution, I don’t know what is!

5 reasons why I prefer Paytm & you should too

  1. Earn free Paytm cash

Last but far from the least, you can benefit from their cash back and offers to earn free paytm cash and benefit from that, too. On a good day, you can benefit from an up to 100% cashback and use it like you never spent a penny. Now, who doesn’t find that enticing!


So, with that, I finish my list. Do you find it interesting or think I missed something out? Share it all in comments below. For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep exploring!


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