5 reasons why you win with Street Style

Street Style Paris Trend Fall Winter 2017

To research for my next set of looks on Ertsy, I spent last week catching up on the proposed trends by the biggest fashion houses of the world. However, going through the trend list of Fall-Winter 2017-2018, made me snigger at the irony of the whole process. No, it is not the ridiculousness of the proposed trends but the fact that the fashion houses today are using our street style as an inspiration to reconfigure themselves.


Simply put, while we spend all the time trying to get inspired from the ‘trends’ the trend-setters are actually looking at the street styles for inspiration. And this is what prompted me to research and explore the power ‘Street Style’ actually holds.


By definition – Street style or street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots streetwear. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centres.

FW2017 Trends- Sailor Cap Fishnets

Till after the end of second world war, street style was nothing but ‘Trickle Down Fashion’. I.E. the trend that was copied by people of lower social classes from those of the higher classes because of their access and fashion sensibilities. When Christian Dior launched his ‘New look’ in 1947 with the iconic savoir-faire that Maison Dior continues to represent to this day, it was a breakthrough in the fashion world but exclusively available to the few selected elites of the world. Even though the finesse was hard to duplicate, the style was and soon the lookalikes were available all across the western world for public access.


While this is studied as a classic example of the fashion world being controlled by the elite designers, a broader view reveals the rising enthusiasm and interest of the general public in fashion itself. With growing appreciation for style, fabrics, colors, and so on across all social stratas.

Street Style Inspiration Fall 2017

This interest then took a few decades to be nurtured into originality and then in 70s, the dynamics were finally reversed, for good. With Sailor caps, Denims, Bohemian, Gingham, Hipster (Jazz) fashion, etc just being a few examples of everything that originated from the streets and was taken up by the fashion houses. With widespread access to information today, it is much less subtle and much well documented.


On top of all that historic grandeur, I can still elaborate upon 5 reasons why you win with Street Style in this listicle today :


1. Practical

Street Wear Practical Fall 2017

Because it has risen from the wardrobes of those who wear it to move and work and not just model the cloth, it is always more practical. If you, like me, give your comfort the highest importance when dressing up, you should be sold out solely at this point.


2. Original and Personalized

Personal Style inspiration Fall 2017

Denim is an excellent example of this: originally worn only by male manual workers, the 1947 and 1948 Sears & Roebuck catalogs both feature casual wear for women and children made from this material. The outfits are not only original but are also personalized and become true representations of your needs and personality.

3. Free and Dynamic

Street Style Fall Personal Freedom

The originality entails the third point – freedom. Since no one hold the copyrights to the style or the various approaches, the representation that you find yourself fitting into depends solely on your understanding of it. There’re no rules. Which means that you and your friend (or enemy) could wear the same ensembles and still choose to look entirely different.

4. Always Trendy

Street Style Fall 2017 Trends

Since the ‘trend-setting’ fashion houses keep looking up to the street style, the street style always remains trendy. Why else do you think we have repeated trend cycles now a days!

5. For the masses, by the masses

Denim Trend Inspiration Fall 2017

Most importantly, the Street Style is defined for the masses, by the masses themselves. So, when you become a part of the Street Fashion, you can actually practice some authority on what you want to be represented as, instead of waiting for the society or some elites to define the rules for you. Now, isn’t that the greatest win, ever!


What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following, Ertsy. Till then, be your own desire!


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