5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!

5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!

Wrap Dress… well, you can’t talk about that without mentioning Diane Von Furstenberg. In fact, I idealize her. Not only for her contribution to fashion but her exemplary journey, strength, and a ‘rags to riches’ story that continue to inspire generations. She shot to fame in the 70s with the wrap dress. Even though she didn’t invent it, her modern cut and colored prints did reinvent the style. I, for one, am a sucker for the wrap style dresses.

Why? You ask. Well, I’ve got this list elaborating just on that. In fact, each point also has a style tip to help you find love in the wrap dress, too.

I’m wearing a ‘Bell Sleeve Buttoned V-Neck Wrap Dress’ from my partner site, Shein. Of course, I vouch for the quality and the comfort of this dress while I also commend those beautiful sleeves, buttons to hold the dress in place, and the trendy yellow color. Buy this dress here: http://bit.ly/2NjVGIO(Shopping in India? Click Here!)

5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!


Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To:

1. Comfortable and No-Fuzz

The wrap dress is comfortable and is a no-fuzz wear that completes the outfit without minimum to no additional pieces. I mean, I love layering and accessorizing but my crazy schedule usually has no time for that.

5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!

Style Tip: I usually wear mine with a slip underneath to make it easier to move around in.

2. Retro Feels:

Who doesn’t love a touch of vintage or retro? I sure do! The wrap dress style was a major hit all around the world throughout the late 70s & 80s before making a comeback in last year’s SS17 collections.

5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!

Style Tip: Go for specific retro colors and prints if you want to make your retro-vibe more obvious.

3. Classic with a Modern Twist

Practical, elegant, and sensual at the same time, wrap dresses are fun and comfortable all at once. If you’re not the into the whole retro hype, you can choose more modern colors and prints to make your case. Basically, this style can literally be adapted for any kind of fabric, length, occasion, or wear and still be as perfect.

5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!

Style tip: Try the wrap dress in various lengths depending on your mood and the occassion.

4. Practical for Day to Night

The inventor of the wrap dress or ‘Taxi Dress’, as he called it, created it with a vision for it to be ‘suitable for any occasion: from a party to your bedroom, to riding a cab!’ I do happen to agree with that myself. While it may also depend on your overall outfit choice, the wrap dress is certainly a practical and versatile choice.

5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!

Style Tip: A matching pair of colorful footwear (like my red half loafers) or sunglasses will immediately add dimensions.

5. Democratic and Body Positive

You may feel inhabited due to those wraps and tassels if it’s going to hug you too much around your areas of insecurity and do the opposite if flattering you. However, I can tell from experience that I feel super comfortable in a wrap dress. And I highly recommend it for women of all sizes, too.

5 Reasons why Wrap Dress is my Go To!

Style tip: Always buy one size up. The best part about the wrap dress is that it should give you space to breathe in.



So, those were all the reasons why I love the wrap style dress. Hope it inspires you to fall in love with them, too. If you know of any more, do share it in the comments below. Don’t forget to buy this dress and more from Shein.com!

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