5 Signs you’re an Alpha Female

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

Right from the time we woman are born, we’re asked to cover up, hide, be docile, quiet, and everything associated with being ashamed. It is sad, but in one intensity or another, depending on where we are from (culturally), we’ve all been taught this. However, since a society doesn’t stand a chance without the revolutionaries and the rebellions, some of us transformed a little differently. Some of us became the “Alpha female”.

The Alpha Female has been described in various ways but I like this version the most –

The Alpha Female is a strong, majestic female. She can often be intimidating to those around her and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. There’s nothing quite as brilliant as a woman with confidence and ambition. <<EliteDaily.com>>

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

Now, even when the Alpha Female is a woman with a strong personality, it doesn’t rule out the fact that she too has her own set of insecurities and self-esteem issues. However, what makes her alpha is the very fact that she understands and listens to her thoughts enough to take charge or seek help as and when she needs it. Here’re the five signs that make you an alpha female, go ahead and discover!


1. You’re independent, like super independent


From knowing how to keep your own shit together to even morally boosting yourself, you are the epitome of independence. You aren’t scared to share work or feelings but you feel at home handling your situations, yourself. Furthermore, this makes you a born leader and confident at work, amongst your friends, and in life.

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

2. You know when to take control and when to let go

While being independent is your thing, you sure when to take control and when to let go. You believe in instincts and once someone establishes trust with you, you’re secure enough to trust them fully. The key is in your self-empowerment that you aren’t afraid to switch between taking risks and calculating decisions on a regular basis.

3. Being a Woman Doesn’t Scare you; You lift other women, too

The society may be cruel towards us ladies, but you are not held back by any of it. You know that your skills and abilities will always be your prime and even in moments of insecurity, you aren’t scared of being a woman. You love to empower yourself and other women around you by standing up for them or just lifting their spirit as and when required. Whether it is your body, sexuality or life, you always find a way to lift your spirits whenever in doubt.

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

4. Your mess up, sometimes, but you don’t live in regrets

Well, an alpha or not, you’re allowed your share of mistakes as a human being. That is unless you’re willing to take a lesson from them. After all, it is only when you internalize the positivity even from the bad times that you’ll not live in regrets. Just like a true alpha female.

5. You aren’t afraid to learn, but you can’t be rattled

Being an alpha female also comes with a lot of responsibility. Which is why you can only stay that if you’re willing to learn and rethink your notions. Reciprocally, an alpha lady is not afraid of learning. However, she does know the difference between who is trying to teach her and who is just trying to belittle her. Which is why even though she learns and triumphs, she can never be rattled by the world.

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

So, that was my list. I think I try to build my life in a way to conquer all the given signs up in the list and be an alpha female every day. How about you? Are you too dwelling on the positive vibe and living for the hustle? Share with me in comments below.


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  1. An amazing post. I have been strongly independent but never really thought of terming myself as an alpha female. I have had the privilege of being brought up to be independent and not really bother much about the society rather just be true to yourself and not hurt another person.

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