5 smart travel hacks for budget traveler

5 nonchalantly simple travel hacks

Whether I’m trying to unwind, relax, looking for a thrill, or seeking new experiences, travel is what I turn to. So, it is only fair to say that my life is all about traveling. However, if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time moving around, you’d know that it sure is not cheap. You need to be a smart traveler if you too are traveling on a budget taking the cheap flights are available at Cleartrip flights. Yes, the experiences are all worth it but there’s no harm in saving an extra buck, right? Certainly yes, for me! Which is why here are some smart travel hacks that every¬†budget traveler need. (Especially for a potential Europe Budget Traveler)


Before I begin, the most obvious is to Plan Ahead. Like, 4-5 months ahead, at least. Secondly, always be vary of seasons. You don’t want to visit any place in peak season and end up spending more for being in a crowded city. Also, look for important fests or exhibitions scheduled, these tend to increase prices for the travelers.

Now that we have established that, here’re the less obvious ones:

1) Be your own Tour Guide:

Not just airfares and places you want to visit, a smart traveler also pre-reads relevant city information and educates themselves on what are the best ways of transfer. Planning a trip and planning it well, is central to my life as a travel in style blogger. Everywhere I have been to has always had so much to offer that I have exhausted myself in the planning process. I’ve even had extensive arguments over many things with fellow-travelers, but I’ve never given up. No, I’m not a tyrant, but you do end up arguing when you’re in the middle of making plans viable for everyone. The trade-off, however, is that I have the best, most tailor-made trips in the lowest possible prices, which eventually my co-travelers enjoy, too.

2) Bookings on a Tuesday

This is the best tip I’ve received in forever on travel hacks. For some algorithmic reason (that I’d rather not explain here), the air-fairs and other travel related fairs are the lowest on a Tuesday. So, this becomes the BEST day to book for everything. And, whatever you do, please never make a booking on a weekend or at the beginning of the month. Just don’t. P.S.: Don’t forget to clear your browsing cookies before you start.

Paris Expat Experience

3) Hostels for the win

I know there’s nothing better than staying in a fancy hotel on your dream vacation, but having stayed at all kinds, I still prefer the hostels. The youth hostels, especially in Europe, are well located, cheap and awesome in one-too-many ways. Particularly because you can save a humungous amount by just walking around from these central locations and not depend on any transportations.

Further, because most of the hostels have a kitchen, you also have the opportunity to cook your own food and save more. Yes, grocery is always less expensive than cooked meals.


Gypsy Soul

4) Take to the streets

The street culture of all cities of the world is a novelty that is missing from the tourist-flooded monuments. So, I always prefer taking my experience to the streets than just going to the touristy places. Of course, I don’t miss visiting the ‘free’ sites. All in all, I see everything I can while I experience a lot more holistically from the authentic experiences of the streets.

5) Student ID + Water Bottles + Snacks

So, I calculated and I was able to save more than 40% of my potential expenses just by carrying these three things. This is not even a joke. Enough said.



So, there it is, all the hacks I use to plan the most budget-friendly, smart trips for my adventures. Do tell me if you know of other measures I could add to the list.

Till then, be your own desire. xx

Aditi Parashar
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