5-step guide to overcome failure

5-step guide to overcome failure

Hey, Ertsy People! Failure has the capability to make you question all of your being in with the slightest hit. Yes, we all fail! And, it is actually amusing how we as human beings forget the happiness and let the negativity affect us for a very long period of time. But, haven’t we all noticed how emotionally intelligent and emotionally stronger people handle failure so well? And not so surprisingly, they are more likely to be successful, as well. So, today we talk about handling them but in the most progressive fashion with this 5-step guide to overcome failure.

As an individual, I screw up things so much it hurts, but over time, I have learned to come out stronger each time and achieving things I put my head and heart to. However, failure still remains inevitable. So, I’ve devised a 5-step guide to overcome the dire that it comes with. Only in a hope that it should help you as much as it helps me. Of course, we may all have our own coping mechanisms, but I have read and heard time and again how strong people help each other grow, so here is an attempt.

5-step guide to overcome failure

1. Accept your feelings

A strong individual knows that with the inevitable failure comes sadness, dire and even self-doubt. Once you have acknowledged and accepted your feelings, it becomes easier to overcome them. As an emotionally strong person, you need to be pragmatic. And, while you know that it is absolutely all right to feel this way, what is not all right is to let it take over you. So, sulk today and suck it up.

2. Analyse your efforts

It is important to understand what steps did you take in the direction of your goal and critically analyse where did you possibly went wrong. While it becomes a necessary step when coping with failure, it is always a good exercise to do in times of success, too. If done right, it always helps you become a better version of yourself.

5-step guide to overcome failure

3. Praise your efforts

Well, once you have analyzed your efforts and the steps you took towards achieving a goal, you know that you have made an attempt. And, in fact, you’ve pushed your limits, which means that you are growing and trying to grow with every passing moment.

4. Take a break & treat yourself

And well, obviously when you know you’re giving your best, you deserve a break and you need to treat yourself for being out there. For it is only those who try, fail, not those who never attempt. More reasons to love yourself! In fact, celebrating your efforts go a longer way in the attempt to overcome failure than punishing your mistakes (positive reinforcement, duh!)

5. Start again and try harder

So, this is the most important part. If you have created an ample understanding of when, how and where you failed, you have now learned your lesson and are ready to come back with a bang. Because keep pushing their limits and trying harder with the passing second is what emotionally strong and successful people do.

5-step guide to overcome failure

So, well, these are the steps I follow to overcome failure and I would love to know if you have ideas that are any different, it’s all about getting better, after all!

And always remember, you don’t need anyone to help you cope with anything. You’re your own becoming!

For more of my travel in style adventures, keep reading ERTSY. Till then, keep trying and learning. xoxo


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