5 step guide to buying perfumes online

5 step guide to buying perfumes online

The ease of online shopping is not a news to anyone. Whether it is fashion, grocery, or electronics, everything today is just a click away. Now, the unlikeliest of them all may be a perfume! Not because the website we browse on doesn’t have the authentic perfumes online but simply because it is rather dubious to buy one without smelling it.


This is a fair concern. You wouldn’t want to mess up with something that can speak volumes about your personality. However, to think that buying perfumes online is impossible is just farfetched. The world we live in today is all about empowering each other in need of crisis. So, if your crisis is buying the perfect perfume for yourself online, Ertsy shall be thy saviour. All in all, there’s definitely a way for you to take advantage of the online discounts even when buying your next perfume using this amazing 5 step guide to buying perfumes online. I’ve created this guide not only out of my own experiences but also with the help of some industry experts based in Paris.

So, what are we waiting for…


Step 1: Know your notes

If you’ve bought perfumes or read descriptions on perfume boxes before, you know what a note is. No shame if you don’t, because a note is descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume. Not going into the technicalities, here’re the notes you should know about-


Fresh: A collection of simple, elegant, and clean notes— anything citrus, green, and organic (think fresh air after a rainstorm). Go with a perfume with fresh notes if you’re looking for something outdoorsy and youthful.


Floral: Literally, notes from the flowers. Also find floral blends, like fruity floral (which will have notes of strawberries, pomegranate, or guava, for example) and floral oriental (which will have notes of spices like vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon). Basically a big range of options when it comes to floral scents. You can find both soft-subtle scents as well as the bold- exotics.


Woodsy: Perfect for those who like to be both outdoors and sophisticated feels. With notes of sandalwood, birchwood and cedar, to name a few. Woodsy notes are also often used in men’s fragrances, so consider these if you find yourself spritzing on (and loving) your boyfriend’s cologne. Think about fireplaces, wood cabins, wilderness, and so on.


Oriental: The scents in this group are big and bold and are perfect for people with a sensual, exciting personality to match. You’ll find notes of vanilla, musk, nutmeg, coriander and more in this category. This is my personal favourite class.


Step 2: Match your Persona

So, when you were reading about the notes above, I’m sure one description reached out to you a little more than all the others. This is probably because your personality is a direct olfactory representation of that class of notes. It is very unlikely that if you are a person who likes gardens will like or match up with an oriental scent as opposed to a floral one; and vice versa. So, now, match your persona to that class of notes and narrow down your selection criteria.


Step 3: Think about the occasion/requirement

Now, this a little bit going back and forth on the second step but before you fix your heart on a category, think of the occasion and/or the requirement. If it is very specific, then you may want to change or just tweak your decision a little bit. Once you’re set on this, move to the next step.


Step 4. Go for brand but don’t forget to check the bottle and description

The safest way to go about is to look for your perfect purchase out of the known brands. Now that you also have an understanding of the notes, don’t forget to carefully read the description and make an informed choice. Remember, a perfume is all about creating a sensory experience. Which means that if you like the bottle of a certain perfume, it is likely that you will like the scent it holds, too. That is literally the job of the packaging department of any perfumery Maison.


Step 5. Try, understand, tweak, repeat

Start small, if the first purchase works out well for you, repeat the process. If not, treat it as a starting point to understand how you can expand your understanding of perfumes, tweak the process and repeat the given steps.


Well, that basically sums it up. Oh and yes, go to only trusted online shopping sites like Myntra when making your purchase for perfumes online. If you have any more insights, feel free to leave them comments below.

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