5 Step guide: Wearing a shirt dress in autumn

5 Step guide: Wearing a shirt dress in autumn

In this season of plaids, dark florals and knits, a good old dress shirt in autumn may find itself lonely. However, that also makes it a challenge worth exploring for a fashion buff like moi. So, I decided to do the unthinkable (definitely exaggerating) and actually create this 5 Step Guide with my own tips to style a shirt dress in the AW 2019 spirit.

TBH I have been doing so many articles about the trends this season that this styling just was a chance for me to explore something non-trendy and make it. Fashion is all about rebellion anyway. And this is my smallest form of protest to the trends (that I actually love).


Also, a T-shirt dress did right compliment all body-types despite the common misconceptions. So, I’ll take this avenue to prove my point.


Step 1: Choose your dress

5 Step guide: Wearing a shirt dress in autumn

Step 2: Construct the outfit

Step 3: Add the autumn edge

5 Step guide: Wearing a shirt dress in autumn

Step 4: Street-stylize it

Step 5: Experiment, return, repeat

5 Step guide: Wearing a shirt dress in autumn

So, that was my guide for wearing a shirt dress in autumn. You can tell how much I liked this outfit by my pictures or the fact that I’m writing about it while I’m sitting in the very outfit. I really hope you liked my little rebellion here today. I mean, it was fun for me to do anyway.

What has been your last off-trend fashion experiment lately? Are you into T-shirt dresses? Are you convinced that it’ll work for your body?


Unload it all in the comments below!!


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  1. Adorable style! You are sharing a nice guidance about to wear shirt dress during autumn. I will definitely follow these steps. Thanks and keep sharing.

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