5-steps styling: Pinafore

5-steps styling: Pinafore

Bringing the ErtsyChic style straight to you, I’ll be sharing the tips for styling pinafore today. A versatile fashion choice that can be styled in many ways, Pinafore works amazingly for all body types.

A contemporary pinafore is a short-sleeved dress, usually worn over a blouse or shirt, it actually evolved from a functional garment, the apron. This cover-up dress was low maintenance, easy to wash, and easier to change which made it popular amongst girls in all vocations- even as a uniform. Through the 19th & 20th centuries, the dress saw some great evolutions and style changes to be what it is today.

The word itself is a contraction of two words, pin and afore (front). The earliest version of the pinafore was a protective, easily removable apron worn by pinning it to the wearer’s dress.

But today, it comes in many avatars.

5-steps styling: Pinafore

An almost classic style, today, a pinafore style is must-have in your wardrobe whether irrespective of the season. It could be a denim/corduroy pin dress or even a spaghetti dress layered over a blouse or shirt. The essence of the Pinafore today is in its short-sleeve dress layered on something else. So, you can be chic, classy, or casual & edgy with this all-inclusive style.

For this blog, I styled 2 outfits to demonstrate these two styles. Before we jump into the steps, here’re all the pieces I’ve used in both of my outfits:

Outfit 1:

5-steps styling: Pinafore

Black Pinafore Dress

Blouse with pockets and bow

Pearl Hairpins set

Round drop earrings with metallic detail


Outfit 2:

5-steps styling: Pinafore

Floral dress with thin straps with V-neck

Peplum blouse with fluffy sleeves

Pearl Hairpins set

Transparent fishnet socks


And now, 5-step styling: Pinafore

1. Choose the right pinafore dress

As the ‘pinafore’ has evolved from a dress type to a full-blown style, picking the right pinafore dress is more about matching it to the occasion. Like, I would pick a black understated one for work, a washed-out denim dress for a casual outfit, a printed/floral dress for a spring/ summer day out, and a plain dress for autumn/winter. Since it is the outermost layer of your outfit, make sure it is the most closely matched to your occasion set-up.

5-steps styling: Pinafore

2. Selecting the under layer


Once you’ve settled on the pinafore itself, it’s time to have some fun with the under-layer. Of course, you can wear a tank top for a casual day, a blouse for work, and a jumper for cold, but I’m asking you to think beyond that. Your underlayer can be an overstated piece with puffy sleeves, bows, off-shoulders, or anything you like.

3. Amplify the sleeves

5-steps styling: Pinafore

For me, the best part about the pinafore style is that you can really highlight your collars and sleeves and that should drive your underlayer choice. Sleeves more so, irrespective of the dress you choose. And honestly, these sleeves will mark the difference between a child wearing the pinafore dress and a grownup. So go big or go home!

4. Accessorize for the look

5-steps styling: Pinafore

Now that your ensemble is ready, get in your accessories. I love adding hair-clips, statement earrings, and cute shoes to the mix. The idea is to stick to the original color pallet and adding accessories that enhance your look. I recommend staying away from necklaces & bracelets because the pinafore already has a lot going on your sleeves and neck, clothes-wise. You can definitely add a bum-bag to add definition to your dress.

5. Mix & Match, experiment the vibe

5-steps styling: Pinafore

So, now you have your first outfit, maybe even the second one… so now switch it up maybe, and experiment. That is what Pinafore is all about, all outfits are interchangeable, so mix ’em up and find out what works for you!

Voila, that was my 5 step styling checklist for a well-done pinafore. Which pinafore style are you going to try? Do you have another tip that I may have missed? Go ahead and share it in the comment section below.

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5-steps styling: Pinafore

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