5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

It’s no news that I’m a socially lazy person and the fact that my confidence is directly proportional to how fly my outfit is doesn’t make it any better (internally cries). Also, obviously, I don’t like to dress up all the time, so what is my prime ‘go to’ fashion at all times? Monochromes. More Specifically, the black and white combo. I mean, 90% of my wardrobe looks like a movie from the 40s. No regrets though, because they are that effin’ good and styling monochromes the right way will give your outfit the instant style boost it needs. What is the right way, you ask? Well, that’s what this article is about- 5 Style Tips for styling monochromes.


Okay, so now that we’ve established what you’re in for, let’s understand what monochrome really is. Etymologically, “monochromatic” breaks down into two pieces: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning color. So, a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one color. However, as weird as the world of fashion is, styling monochromes involves using a two basic colors’ pallet or different shades of the one color. The idea is to keep it two-tone in either of the cases. Yeah, I know it should be called ‘dual-chrome’ then, etc, but just move along.


My Outfit:

My outfit here is everything you need to inspire yourself to be trendy and on point, while putting in the least effort, really. I mean when you have an outfit so fly, you have successfully done your part, anyway. First and foremost, the key piece in my outfit is a beautiful knee-length black skirt from my partner site- Shein. The skirt has extended button details on the front and suspenders, too. I styled it with a basic white crop sweater because it is still a bit cold in Paris but you can choose a top, too. I added some spring colors with my yellow-tinted sunglasses and maintained the theme with my studded white moccasins.

5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

So, you basically see an effortless dressing style here and understand how it can really be a regular.


Styling Monochromes Tips:


1. Play Textures & Patterns

5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

So, since you don’t have to switch between colors, you can mix and match textures and patterns. For example, I paired a polyester cotton skirt with a woolen jumper and boy does it look feisty. Another go-to for me is striped black and white pants with a black or a white blouse.

2. Go for the seamless Blends but don’t overdo

5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

You have to be wary of being able to blend the shades or the pallets in a seamless way but don’t use too many pieces and end up overdoing it. You have to look stylish in monochromes, not like an infant wearing a baba-suit!

3. Use contrasting accessories


5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

Always add a contrasting color in one of your accessories. Like, I did with my glasses. Monochromes are the best to wear your most eccentric pieces with.

4. Leverage on the details:

5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

I’m a sucker for details and honestly, every fashionista should be. The buttons and the flair style suspenders on this skirt give my passion life. When styling monochromes, try to add more to your style by using a key piece with such details and more.

5. Don’t break the theme

5 Style Tips: Styling Monochromes

Maintain the theme by only using two tones in your outfit. Transcend it to your shoes, too. However, when you use a belt to make the blend better and you can use wear a contrasting color. It’s all about the thematics.

Well, that’s all from me for styling monochromes. If you have any other ideas or queries, feel free to reach out or discuss in the comments below. Don’t forget to get this super stylish skirt with suspenders from Shein by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2HBBwuQ


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