5 style tips: Summer Casual Chic Dressing

5 style tips: Summer Casual Chic Dressing

‘Summer Casual Chic Dressing’ – what does this even mean? I mean, it could just be a fancier way of saying ‘business casual’ but then I’d be lying to you. Because casual chic is a whole new style of dressing in the fashion world today and summer casual dressing is topping that chart, right now. Because it’s summer (duh). Simply put, ‘Summer Casual Chic’ is dressing up casually but adding the panache and detailing of the classic outfits. An outfit that lets you celebrate your femininity without losing the comfort and accessibility of the casuals.

Let me break down all I know about the summer casual chic style and impart my wisdom with you. After all, what else are blogs for! And to make things less complicated, I’ll demonstrate the summer casual chic with… wait for it… my self-styled shots! I made my basic Shorts and T-shirts outfit instantly chic-er by wearing a tie-up dress as a kimono jacket. The belt and the flair give it shape and panache and the light fabric keeps me cool and happy under all the heat!

5 style tips: Summer Casual Chic Dressing

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Leisure time engagements

Evening Garden parties

Casual street strolls

Romantic Day out, etc.

Key Pieces:

Choose one classic piece in your outfit as your key piece. Make sure that it’s in a neutral color but preferably of a good fitting and trendy style. If it’s a top or a bottom piece as opposed to an add-on layer, go for something with loud prints, stripes, ruffles, or bows. Make sure that the key piece is eye-catching but not overbearing at the same time.

5 style tips: Summer Casual Chic Dressing

Summer Casual Chic Style Tips:

1. Denim wherever you can

You simply can’t go wrong with Denim. So, choose denim wherever you can. I prefer denim bottoms to denim tops. So, my choice is between jeans, shorts, or skirts that I match with a classy top or a trendy T-shirt and a dressy jacket. However, if you wanna top your outfit with an oversized denim shirt or a denim jacket, match it with a more classic bottom.

5 style tips: Summer Casual Chic Dressing

2. Stick to a two-color pallet

It’s just easier to keep your class quotient when you follow the suit-up rule of two color pallet. I mean, I dig monochromes anyway, but blues and whites are a whole different level of love. Besides the idea is to be effortlessly chic and fewer colors are equally proportionate to fewer efforts.


3. Weave it around your key piece

Now once you’ve selected the style and the color tones, weave it around your key piece. The most optimal way of maintaining a summer casual chic style is by picking something classy to be your key-piece. Could be a striped blouse, classy skirt, flared pants, or a kimono-dress jacket like mine.

5 style tips: Summer Casual Chic Dressing

4. Experiment with hairstyles

Now, I let my hair choose their own style, which some may argue to be an experiment in itself but I recommend experimenting with your hair to really make yourself stand out. French-braids, two-buns, whatever you like!

5. Go for Flats but avoid sneakers

So, obviously, since we’re in the ‘comfort-zone’, flats are the only choice. However, I’d rather you choose gladiators, trendy moccasins or just about anything over them sneakers. Well, sneakers do have the potential of making even your suits look casual so we’re better off without them!

5 style tips: Summer Casual Chic Dressing

Well, that’s all about summer casual chic dressing that I can share with you. Think I missed something out? Share it in comments below. Impressed by that super suave dress that can be doubled up as a jacket? Buy it here: http://bit.ly/2IKF76m.


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, stay stylish and keep finding fashionable ways to bring out the best in yourself!

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