5 Style Tips: Wearing a Jumpsuit

5 Style Tips: Wearing a Jumpsuit

I’ve never really been a jumpsuit person. With a curvy body and heaps of insecurities, shape-flattering skater dresses are always an easier choice than the figure-hugging jumpsuits. And it is not just me, I’ve heard time and again how women are conscious of wearing a jumpsuit. Sometimes even because you have to be top nude to even pee (hehe). (Yes! That is a REAL concern!) To cut short, wearing jumpsuits can be tricky, to say the least, but if you do decide to trump your fears and wear it like I did, here are the 5 style tips for wearing a jumpsuit.


Since I wore my first ever jumpsuit ever, I had to put together these tips for all of us to benefit from. First ever, yeah! How’d it look, you ask? I have included pictures and was quite happy (read ecstatic) with the result, honestly. You can decide the rest. Of course, if you want to get this Cape-Style Jumpsuit for yourself, buy it using this link: https://bit.ly/2L0DfZl from Shein (that makes these style posts possible).


1. Choose by occasion

5 Style Tips: Wearing a Jumpsuit

The key to pulling off a jumpsuit lies in choosing it right by the occasion. The jumpsuits for a formal and informal event are very different. I’ll keep the divide simple between a formal and an informal event. Wearing a jumpsuit for an informal even is easy, go for something comfortable that has an elasticated or drawstring at the waist. For a formal one, pick a sleek, well-tailored piece.

2. Go by the height

5 Style Tips: Wearing a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have the ability to make you look taller or shorter, who knew! Well, if you’re the taller one, choose a wide-leg floor length jumpsuit. For the shorter, cuter ones, a slim, cropped style works like a charm.

3. Define your waist & accessories

5 Style Tips: Wearing a Jumpsuit

So first define your waist. If your jumpsuit already has a thicker waistband, you can let this step be. If not, wear a classy belt in and accentuate your curves. Use jewelry, bags, and shoes to add definition to your jumpsuit and get your outfit ready to slay.

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4. Layer it up

5 Style Tips: Wearing a Jumpsuit

Wear a dramatic crop top underneath in a contrasting color, top it with a chic blazer or go for a cape-style jumpsuit that I wore. It’s all about layer it up to make your outfit more standout-ish. If your jumpsuit is already full of sequins, bows, or tie-ups, the layering of jewelry might just be enough!

5. Loose fit that drapes your body

5 Style Tips: Wearing a Jumpsuit

Just so that all your insecurities don’t fold down on you all-together, wear the loose fit jumpsuit. That will flatter your body more and make you look even more elegant and chic than you already are. It also gives a slimming effect on your body, if you care.


So, that’s all I know about styling a jumpsuit!


What do you think about a jumpsuit and wearing a jumpsuit? Does this inspire you to wear one? Share your views and thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to get this jumpsuit and more from Shein by clicking here to up your spring fashion game!

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For more of my Travel in Style adventures, keep reading ERTSY. Till then, stay stylish, embrace positivity of the spring, and learn to love yourself!

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