5 Summer Workwear Outfit Inspired by Trends 2019

5 Summer Workwear Outfit Inspired by Trends 2019

2019 has been a crazy and weird year so far, trends or otherwise. But let’s talk about trends for a moment. I mean this year has brought back tie & die low waist jeans, and snake prints… I think this is the first time I didn’t do a summer trends’ roundup for the year because I just wasn’t living for any of them. That being said, I did love a few things on the runways a bit too much this year so I decided to put them together for this article on summer workwear outfit inspirations from 2019 fashion trends.


I’m also going for the Parisian Boss Lady aesthetic so my summer workwear outfits would go from edgy formal to edgy semi-casual. It’s all about how you decide to pull it off really. I do give tips and alternatives in the points below.


This list is basically created on neutral pallets and is mindful to be suitable for all body types. Big shoutout to my partner site Shein for making this fashion diary happen. Since these outfits are from Shein one of the world’s fastest-growing fast fashion stores- you’ll be able to have these outfits without breaking the bank. I’ll also be adding a shop link to all my outfits so that you can click and buy it right away.


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So, let’s get into it!


Summer Workwear Outfit Inspirations from 2019 Fashion Trends:


1. Suit Up

From power suits in the last 2 years to pastel suits in the last few months, suits for women are here to stay. I absolutely love everything about them. After all, nothing reeks power more than a well-fitted suit. However, in summer, you can go for a brighter color, try a little bit of mix match and go the distance with a suit/co-ord set like this, too.

Summer Workwear Outfit Trends Inspired 2019

Get this co-ord suit set here


2. Belt your Blazers

Broader shoulders and defined waist make anyone look a 100 times better so if you’re not a mood to sport an entire suit, just belt your blazer. Even a linen style blend blazer for summer like this looks like a million bucks on casual jeans with belted together! Works equally well on dresses, too!

Summer Workwear Outfit Trends Inspired 2019

Get this One-Tone Belt Blazer here


3. Maxi-mize Friday casuals

Since the Parisian work outfits aren’t super formal, I can’t help but add a romantic casual-ish outfit to the mix. I recommend wearing a single color midi/maxi(can never go wrong with white) with a belt. The logic of definition remains while adding a bit more comfort and feminine style to suit your vibe. Literally the perfect outfit for your casual Fridays.

Summer Workwear Outfit Trends Inspired 2019

Get this Bardot Collar Dress With Checked Belt


4. Add a dash of neon/pastel

Styling pastels &/or neons can be tricky. It can look very trashy very soon. But 2019 has been all about the neons. So, instead sporting an entire outfit in neon, just add a dash of it to your outfit. Like I did with these ruffles. I also added a snake print as a scarf to this dress to make it look even classier.

Summer Workwear Outfit Trends Inspired 2019

Get this Two-Tone Dress With Pockets


5. Get Edgy with Utility

Utility style wear has also been a trend of interest this year. From utility cargo-style pants to jumpsuits, I love everything about this style. So, if you’re feeling or trying to look extra edgy, you can go all out with a Utility style wear. I, for one, love this solid but light-colored jumpsuit. I have styled it with a cute belt bag, too. It’s not too overwhelming but at the same time edgy enough. However, if it’s not a fit for your workplace, just pair utility trousers with a solid blouse.

Summer Workwear Outfit Trends Inspired 2019

Get this Utility Jumpsuit here



Obviously, summer is the time to go open-toed. All these outfits can work well with open toes, believe it or not. You can get subtly stylish black ones & make the second pair a bit edgier to enhance your outfits.

The runway-inspired footwears that I’m rooting for the most this season are:

  1. Square-Heeled Shoes (these are in Suede)
  2. Platform Sandals With Rhinestones



Other than your regular cross-body bags, this season has enhanced my love for belted bags, too. The one I carry with my outfits here also has a chain sling so I used it in both ways.


So, that’s all in my summer workwear outfit inspirations list from this year’s fashion trends. Which one will become your go-to? Which one would probably not work for you? If there’s a particular fashion trend that you love and I have missed out, share it in the comments below!


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