5 things to do in Paris in Autumn

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

Upon completing a beautiful year in Paris, I can finally give you a deeper glance into everything Parisian. Or so I hope. Well, nonetheless, I can vouch for my favorite, Paris in Autumn. Now, even though there’s nothing quite beautiful like the cherry blossoms at Eiffel tower in the spring, the hustle bustle in the summer, and the serenity in the silence followed by the festivity in the winters, Autumn still is the most unique for me.

There are several reasons, in fact. The beauty in the dawning sun, the shorter days, and even the off-tourist season cheaper prices everywhere.

Although the Summer doesn’t officially end until the Autumn equinox, on 21st September, like other unique French ways, here but for all intents and purposes, Autumn starts at what the French call “la rentrée”, when schools go back and for most people, holidays are over.


It is justified, too, because well, the cold winds already start set-in by the beginning of September. But warm enough to have a perfect vacation in this beautiful, dreamy city. Moreover, Autumn in Paris doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So, sit back and read through 5 amazing things to do in Paris in Autumn. Remember that these listed things are highly recommended, are for free, or cheaper than in any other season.


1. Free Museum Sunday

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

Yes! There are around 130 museums in Paris, France within city limits. This list also includes suburban museums within the “Grand Paris” area. And almost all of them have a free entry on the first Sunday of every month from October to Spring. Of course, this includes the majestic Louvre museum. The best part is that even with that concession, you’ll find less crowded museums than in Summer!


2. Walk in the Palais Gardens or any gardens, really!

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

The Palais Gardens show the most perfect hues of autumn and make for the perfect romantic getaway. Whether you’re a traveler, artist, or just someone in love, this is the most beautiful and picturesque place to be in Paris during this season. The beautiful Eiffel views are a plus. However, if you step into any gardens, you’ll be welcomed by the falling leaves and romantic, relaxed vibes.


3. Festivals

– Nuit Blanche

For one night only at the beginning of October each year, Paris becomes an open-air museum. With a whole night dedicated to art, culture, and surprises of extravagant luminous installations and sensory experiences, the Parisians welcome autumn.

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

– The Paris Wine Festival

What a waste it would be to come to Paris and not indulge in the French wines. Especially if you could do it at the Fête des vendanges de Montmartre. This festival celebrates the art of food and wine. A local favorite, it offers a plethora of free concerts, exhibitions, parades and tastings in the mesmerizing Montmartre. You could enjoy it with a loved one or be part of the quirky “singles” event. Oh yes, this event celebrates in which single-dom and is called a non-marriage ceremony. The couples may even state their love and be declared engaged for eternity. Now, how fun is that!


4. Witness the best Golden Hour

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

When I say the best Golden Hour, I honestly mean it. Paris is beautiful all year round, undoubtedly, but the Autumnal Golden Hour is the most aesthetic in comparison to the rest of the year. It looks like the city is on fire and is melting into one beautiful marvel, all at once. Makes for a perfect romantic walk, photo-session, or just an opportunity to marvel at the city, really.


5. Exhibitions, Expositions, and art meets

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

Well, now if you’re thinking about spending a little money, you can go for the amazing fashion & art experiences city museums hold all through the autumn till winter. Obviously, they are less crowded and cheaper. However, the special part is that these expositions are almost annual and cover all major artists from Dali to Picasso.


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5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

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So, that’s my list of favorite things to do in Paris in Autumn. If you have any other recommendations, write them down in the comments below.

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