5 Throwback Street Styles making a comeback

5 Throwback Street Styles making a comeback

When the world perceives that Paris has some of the most fashionable streets in the world, they aren’t wrong. In fact, the Fashion Quotient, is individualistic and artistic, at that. Which makes it arguably the best for many (including me). In fact, this spring summer is actually the more anticipated one for me, courtesy all those throwback street styles making a comeback. ‘Which ones’ you ask? That’s what this blog is about; read and find out!

So, I may technically be a 90s kid, given that I was born in 1994, I only remember so much of spending my 6 gold years in the decade. Usually, when I do see the movies made in the era or older, I can’t help but feel sorry about their fashion (at least the Bollywood movies, anyway). Even the sworn fashionistas of the times were constantly policed. Nonetheless, today’s throwback street styles fashion has taken inspirations from the 90s and reprised it to the newness.

And the vintage feels that come with all these throwback street styles is literally what I love for. Another legit reason for the heightening excitement!

5 Throwback Street Styles making a comeback

Obviously, I have pictures of me dollying around in my favorite throwback street styles – Washed Denims (More ahead). Furthermore, my inspiration is not only from the trends but also from the SS street style vibes already surfacing on the streets of Paris. Hence, I write this article anticipating to do justice with that!


1. Bright Colored Jackets

Hasn’t your insta feed been flooded with mustard and yellow jackets already? (I mean, I posted two of those) This is legit the highest trending style right now and boy is it gonna stay! Especially after the ice-cream pastel colors making a comeback this season. Very 80s and 90s must mention!


2. Pinafore Dresses

Literally, a farmer’s apron dress is this season’s ‘in-style’ straight out of the 40s. I think I love the fact that you can wear this dress in a casual setting or with a classy blouse to your work and it’ll always be its same classy self. Definitely, something I’m looking forward to trying on. So much so that I also put them on my Spring Outfit Wishlist.

5 Throwback Street Styles making a comeback

3. Slogan Tees and Dungarees

Another farmer style – Dungarees, are back from the 90s and are bangin’! I mean, who knew farmers were so stylish, anyway! I especially am anticipating the comeback of the slogan Tees with it. Nothing speaks thy mind like a shirt does! (wink)


4. Trendy Leggings and other gym styles

Blame it on Paris Hilton really for making tracksuits trendy but the gym fashion is making a comeback on the streets. Especially the leggings women in 80s decided to replace the pants with. I’m particularly interested in the ones with net cuts, how about you?


5 Throwback Street Styles making a comeback

5. Washed Denims

My obviously favorite trend is that of the washed denims. Whether it is a jacket or jeans, or even denim on denim, the washed version is always gonna be better (there, I said it). I promise to engage in a fist fight with those who disagree (JK no violence here). I wore an all-white ensemble to highlight my washed denim jacket and make it look even more awesome than it already is.

5 Throwback Street Styles making a comeback

Well, you can love or hate these throwback street styles but now that they are making a banging comeback, you should definitely look out! What do you think, though? Which one is your favorite style? Or are you already cringing? Go ahead and take it all out in the comments below.


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