5 Tips to keep your skin well-hydrated this winter

5 Tips to keep your skin well-hydrated this winter

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! So, now that winter is almost here, there’s so much of stuff we need to prepare for. Like Skin Care!! Honestly, winter is cute, with the weather pleasant whole day, with the limited sun and steaming coffees tasting like nectar and ambrosia suddenly. You can even wear leather jackets and look badass without dying of heat stroke. Everything seems well and nice, except for the chapped skin and lips, which is the major concern of anyone in winters. However, you can beat it if you have the much-needed essentials to fight the dry weather from damaging your skin this year

1. Befriend your Moisturisers

Moisturisers might as well be renamed as the holy mother of the skincare. They nourish your skin in a way no other product can. And what’s the best part here, is that you can get the moisturiser according to your skin type and needs. Say you have dry skin that could make barren soils looks well hydrated, then you can go for oil or cream based ones that’ll give a nice boost to your skin. And oily beauties can go for water based light ones. Whatever it may be, moisturisers are your best friends this season!


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2. Check your cosmetics

Most of us don’t even leave our house without a bit of makeup on. We all collectively deny but yes, we’ve been wearing a hint of lipstick of gym, but that doesn’t need to be in detail right now. However, your cosmetics needs to be. Check them for the expiry dates and look if you have the right ones that suit your skin type. Sounds really weary but you can push not-so-compatible makeup during any other season but not in winter for it looks extremely flakey and cakey due to dry weather.


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3. Protective clothing

Going out to run some errands? Cover your face with a scarf. Due to the brutal weather, skin gets, even more, drier and chapped. So whenever you step out, make sure you are under covers. Plus, pollution can’t get to you! And don’t use scarves made of stiff cloth that may feel uncomfortable. Go for woollen beauties, get them without burning a hole in your pocket by using these Tata Cliq winter wear offers!

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4. Lipcare

Usually, we have oil glands in our skins that produce natural oils to keep the skin hydrated. But lips are devoid of these oil glands, and that’s why lips tend to get parched and chapped during this weather. So make sure you invest in a good quality lip balm. The new range of Lakme’s Lip love is our pick and get it for a lower price by using the exclusive Nykaa offers. Also, Exfoliate your lips to make them soft and supple. Don’t use matte lipsticks for they will dry the lips. Go for creamy ones!


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5. Proper diet

No matter what you do, if you aren’t healthy on the inside, then external pampering won’t help much. So have a good, healthy diet. Eat a lot of berries and citrus fruits. They will give the much-needed vitamin C for your skin. Drink loads of water. They will not only just hydrate the skin, but flush out the toxins as well!


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Also, along with all these, prepare some homemade packs to hydrate and nourish skin. Another mistake all of us tend to do is that we usually skip sunscreen because it’s gloomy. It’s high time we ditch that idea. Sunscreen FTW! Lastly, it is your body, after all, take good care of it! Stay Ertsy! xx

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