5 Travel Packing Hacks from a minimalist, frequent traveler

5 Travel Packing Hacks from a minimalist, frequent traveler

Hey, Ertsy people! Adding dimensions to the road that eases your travel is my prime motive. Which is why I’m adding another list of travel hacks this week but specifically for packing. Yes, finally, travel packing hacks! Specifically, if you’re a cheap traveler like me and buy cheap air tickets on budget airlines that don’t allow luggage flexibility. Oh, and these aren’t a list of eccentric tips on how you should fold stuff or stack them in, honestly, because I don’t ever follow them myself. With that said, these are practical tips on things from my personal travel experiences.

Full disclosure, if I take long-distance flights, I usually go for the better kind, especially in the case of Indian airlines when traveling to home. Nonetheless, I like to pack light to save myself from the hassle of check-in luggage.

Understanding my travel life is very important at this stage. As a travel in style blogger, I travel pretty frequently and usually with my chic outfits and some makeup. However, I also try to keep as minimal as possible at the same time. So, these travel packing hacks will definitely work if you want to ration your luggage or just get better at packing and easing your travel.

1. Confine Your Space


So, this is the most obvious one. You can only pack in the space you have which is what I start with. I pick a bag and make sure to only stick to that. The idea is to not go beyond a carry-on size and maybe a laptop or a small handbag. And even for a good 10-15 day trip, this has always been enough for me. I also think that you learn to prioritize and let go once you confine your spaces.

2. Pack by outfit

Damsel in Denim #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

As a travel in style blogger, my outfits are my travel needs, and as a part of that, I started packing by outfit a few months ago. This is one of the best travel packing hacks for me, personally. It helped me realize that I was putting in a lot less junk and a lot more practically fashionable pieces in my bag. I was also able to get a pragmatic view of my day’s (lose) itinerary and what I’d style myself in over there.

3. Carry Versatile Clothing

5 Travel Packing Hacks from a minimalist, frequent traveler

So, while it is important to pack by the outfit, go for the versatile clothing. All blacks, blue jeans, dark-colored coats, or even coordinated color-pallets. I also started to do this as a blogger and haven’t regretted it one day. In fact, now my family and friends do it, too, on my advice and have always benefitted.

4. Pouch it up

5 Travel Packing Hacks from a minimalist, frequent traveler

Zipping things together helps you organize stuff better and also keeps it safe. After all, no one wants a shampoo-spill or an earring ripping apart a delicate blouse (true story). Besides, it helps you control the little things you pack in, too, and help you escape the demons of over-packing. A good idea for ladies is to use your extra bag as a pouch with things stuffed in it. retains the shape of your precious bag, too.

5. Stuff the sides

5 Travel Packing Hacks from a minimalist, frequent traveler

The sides of your soft-corner bag will always have space. I discovered this secret earlier in life and everything has changed ever since. In case you aren’t a big fan of pouches, this works well, too. Stuff in those belts, ties, small bottles, and even bikinis in this space.

So, well that is what I do when packing for my trips. If you have anything else to share, the comment section awaits you.

If you’re just generally looking for travel budget hacks, travel packing hacks, or other cool and simple travel tips, scoot over this links and go. For my travel in style adventures, stay tuned, twice every week on the blog, my Facebook page, and Instagram feed.

Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire.


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