5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist

I have spent the last few weeks decorating my new apartment close to the Parisian center. It’s been one of my holiday projects as I have been taking a break between my graduation and the time before I start my new job in September. I did everything in this apartment by myself, from looking for it to set it all up including some minor handy work. I have always been quite creative with decoration living spaces as seen in the article about decorating my bachelor pad from a while ago but I definitely pushed the envelope with this one. One big part of it was making a rather cozy bedroom more inviting and it did go down to the Duvet Sets! So, I created a list of my Favorite under budget Duvet sets, too.

Yes, I actually spent a good amount of time selecting my under budget Duvet sets to express my vibe without compromising on comfort or breaking the bank. My first set looks like this:

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist

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Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed by the home & lifestyle section of my partner site- Shein and decided to create a wishlist of all Duvet Sets I want. And today I’m sharing that list with you because I don’t want to live my best life alone.

Note: I have tried my set for about 2 weeks and put it through a wash. All sets are Cotton Rich (60% Cotton & 40% Polyester), they’re very high in quality and easy to clean. I do recommend re-checking the composition and size of each product before buying.

Under budget Duvet sets:

1. Pastel Print Duvet Set

Add a bit of color to your abode. Works especially well with light-colored interiors.

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist

2. Tropical Print Duvet Set

Feeling the vacation vibes? Embrace them in full view with these beautifully printed sheets.

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist

3. Floral Print Duvet Set

Get the floral vibes for a bright day done right with these beautiful sheets. I especially love the color more than the motif, too.

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist

4. Luxury Knotted Duvet Set

Everyone deserves to have a taste of luxury… so why go far when you can have it right in your bedroom. These sheets are the perfect example of that.

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist


5. Marble Print Duvet Set

Feel like an absolute Instagrammer with these beautiful marble style sheets. TBH I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist



Curious about my outfit?

This is a Silver Party-style glitter wrap dress from Shein. I’m all queened up for my pre-birthday feels actually. Do you think this is a perfect birthday night outfit?

5 Favorite under budget Duvet sets: Wishlist

I also bought these bar lights from Shein along with these under budget Duvet sets to enhance my bedroom decor that you can find here. In short, Shein has quickly become a one-stop-shop for all my needs.

Remember to check out all the amazing home & lifestyle accessories and more (even my outfit) from my partner site Shein and use code ‘9ADITI’ for an additional 15% off on all orders! 


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