5 Wardrobe secrets to always look dressed up

5 Wardrobe secrets to always look dressed up

I have been a lazy dresser for as long as I can remember. Blame it on my body-image insecurities or the social construct that deems women who put effort into dressing as ‘dumb’ or ‘fake’. Putting those (weird) notions behind me wasn’t easy but now that I have, my highest emphasis is always on the power of dressing up. Which is why I created a list of these wardrobe secrets to always look dressed up.


Don’t you feel confident and on top of your life when you look dressed up?

I don’t know what it is but to me having a fly outfit has some kind of empowerment attached to it. And that’s what I’ve been preaching in my blog all along, as well. So, without further ado, let’s make you look the best dressed up version of yourself!



5 Wardrobe secrets to always look dressed up

  • Wrinkle-resistant fabrics

The easiest way to always look sharp and classy is to have wrinkle free clothes. And the easiest way to get wrinkle-free clothes is to always go for wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

  • Plan your outfit the night before

I know this sounds a little bit of an effort but it is this very effort that makes you look dressed up. Start out to in (Coat to Top) or in to out (Top to Coat) but make sure to stick to themes. This will also help you eradicate elements of surprise and look for alternatives with time in hand!

  • Monochromatic looks

I’ve said this time and again that you can just never go wrong with Monochromatic looks. In colors light or dark, when you go for two-tones, you’re always going to look fly!



5 Wardrobe secrets to always look dressed up

  • Statement Pieces

Sometimes all you need to make a rather dull outfit look stunning is a statement piece if accessory. It could be a grand choker necklace, a body chain, or even a pair of sunglasses!


  • Accentuations

Even if your outfit is on point, some basic accentuations with rings or bracelets will instantly give you that edge.




  • Neutral Colors

Go for neutral colors to match most of your wardrobe. Saves time and effort, too.

  • Match your Shoes with your Bag

Always make sure to have your bag match your shoes. They don’t need to be the exact same color but at least the same pallet.


Bonus Tips:

5 Wardrobe secrets to always look dressed up

  • Stripes over Prints

If you’re no plain-jane, go for stripes instead of prints, always. Even if prints have their own charm, they can be tricky. Stripes, on the other hand, are more democratic and always suave.

  • Tuck in

Tuck in your blouse for a better silhouette and look super gorgeous in any outfit!

  • Coat as a cape

If you want to look instantly classier, I recommend this trick! Taking your coat as a cape and doing it well makes any blah outfit look high street. Something I picked up from the Parisian streets!


So, now you’re ready to slay!


If you have any more ideas, don’t forget to share in comments below. For more of my travel in style adventures keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep slaying and loving yourself. x


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