5 ways I survive the world of Makeup

5 ways I survive the world of Makeup

First things first, I don’t know how makeup works. If this is not your first time on my blog, you know this already. I go au naturel due to lack of alternatives and expertise. However, in the past few months of transitioning into a (more serious) blogger, moving to Paris and going around/working/studying in Europe has made me learn some quick hacks to get by. That is exactly what prompted me to share this list of hacks in ‘makeup for beginners’ category. More like the novice or lazy, really.

Not that you need it.

No, honestly, no one does makeup because one needs to, it is all a part of doing something exciting, something that interests you or just something that brings confidence in you. The reasons can be many, but if makeup is what intrigues you, these are just my personal hacks/insights into how I ‘survive the world of makeup’.


Okay! So, for someone who ‘hardly uses makeup’, I have a lot of makeup products. Going through it all, I found a lot of lipsticks in similar shades and some eccentric ones, too.

Further, I have some foundation-concealer combos, a basic eye shadow pallet, and a contour pallet, too. But the things that supersede them all are my eyeliners. I have tons of them in different colors, base, and variations.

Coming to the point, here’s the list of my hacks for makeup for beginners:

1. Know your Skin.

If your skin anything like mine, it looks amazing from far away but if you put anything on it, it starts to throw tantrums. I mean, I even get blisters on the face if my hair trimming gets delayed (due to the split-ends). Like, what?

So, know your skin. If it is oily, try to skip the products that cover the whole face, use a moisturizer before applying foundation/concealer if you have to. Avoid using heavy base creams.

If you have dry skin and it tends to chip, use creams and avoid powder-base products.

Understand that even if you don’t have extreme skin conditions, you can always be allergic to some products, so pay attention to what you use and be loyal to what works for you.

2. Invest in personal grooming than makeup products.

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Makeup products are expensive and if you don’t use them, they are the biggest hole you’ll burn in your pocket (guilty as charged). So, invest in personal grooming instead. Skin-care products can ensure a permanent glow on the face, oil-free skin, and maybe you can use mild fruit bleach to hide the peach fuzz on your face, too.

Once these areas are sorted, you can use eyeliners and lipsticks to enhance your look. (Exactly what I do)

3. Know your Shades.

5 ways I survive the world of Makeup

Finding the right shade of foundation is very important. A good rule of thumb is to brush a little on your jawline: if it blends in, it’s right for you. If not, try a shade lighter or darker. However, it is not just about creating the right base. If you are going to apply more than one eyeshadow color, but aren’t sure what colors look good together, a natural palette is a good option. You can buy an eyeshadow palette anywhere makeup is sold. In palettes, the colors all correspond, and sometimes the shadows are even labeled by which area they should be applied to.

4. Nude Makeup For the win.

See, if personal grooming is your strong suit, this will always be go-to for you. However, don’t be constrained to that. There are some amazing makeup products dedicated to the nude makeup look. Once you’ve understood your skin shades and know what works for you, you can never go wrong. Best part, nude makeup never looks old or repeated if done right.


5. Start Simple. Learn. Master.

You don’t need to go all in and all out in your first attempt itself. Start small, experiment and practice to understand what works for you. Don’t be embarrassed to look at multiple tutorial videos or articles till you figure it out. As a lazy bum, for me, it is all about understanding what works the best for me, mastering that and repeating it in a better way next time.nd, who knows, you find your love in the makeup world and rejoice your growth.



Now that we are through with what goes into the making, shed all your inhibitions and indulge. After all, who knows, you find your love in the makeup world and rejoice your growth.

This was all in my compilation of makeup for beginners, novices, lazy or whatever you identify yourself as. Remember, this is not because you or I need makeup but just because we want to delve into this new world.

Much love, stay ertsy!!

all graphics via pinterest. Images original.

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