5 Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos

5 Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos

Traveling has been a long-time passion for me (duh). With places to explore, different cultures to experience, and new dishes to savor, I always look forward to having adventures and making memories in different corners of the world. I love to come back home bringing a piece of the trip with me (obv.). Decorating your wall with your photos from your travel can be one way of keeping your travel memories. The other way is the good ol’ travel journal, or maybe a photo book. Which is why I created this list with 5 Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos.

I’ve previously written the smart travel hacks for budget travelers, and now I’d like to explore how you can get the most of your travels by documenting it better.


1. Plan in advance

5 Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos

Just like how you research and plan your itinerary (and maybe your outfits as well), do the same for your photography. Have a peek at the place through the eyes of the people that have been there before. You can do your research on Google, but here’s a tip: Instagram works just as well, if not better. I do share my travel diaries over there! (wink wink)

Make the most of the specific hashtags and geotags to scout the locations, and get inspiration for your photos. This way, once you arrive at the place, you’ll already know where you want to take photos, from which angles, and with what background. Trust me, it saves a lot of your precious time.

2. Have spares for everything

5 Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos


This goes without saying, but it’s often overlooked. If you’re traveling with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, have a spare battery and memory card in your bag. If you trust your phone camera to do the job, carry a fully charged power bank. Phone batteries drain very quickly, so it’s important to have a portable charger at your disposal.

3. Document the big pictures AND the little details

Prague Travel Diary Things to do in Prague

We often focus on getting the shots of a whole landmark, or wide shots of a landscape as the background for our portraits. Once you have these shots, try focusing on smaller things. The rows of cups in a souvenir shop window display, the patterns of the traditional textiles, or interactions at the farmer’s market, for example. Together with the big pictures, these small details will complete your travel stories.

4. Slow down and enjoy the moment

5 Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos

We usually deal with a packed itinerary and limited time when traveling, and sometimes it’s more like checking things off the list rather than savoring the moment. If time and budget allow, try to allocate time for a leisurely walk every day. It can be extra 15-20 minutes in each destination, or an hour specifically allocated for wandering around the city, or maybe even an extra day where you ditch your itinerary and walk where your feet take you. Whichever option you choose, try to take the time to slow down, and use this time to interact with the locals, look more closely at things, and capture your surroundings thoughtfully. Some of my best shots have come out of these little rendezvous!

5. Turn your travel photos into travel keepsakes

5 Ways to Capture Better Travel Photos

Touristy souvenirs like magnets and postcards can be good keepsakes, but it would be even better if you have something personal that will remind you of little moments in your trip. The more unique, the better!

You can use your travel photos to create personal keepsakes. You can create postcards or magnets from your own photos, you can make a travel photo book with details of your journey, or you can decorate your walls with photos from around the world. The options are plenty, and it will be so much more satisfying to see your own photos as travel keepsakes. To save yourself from all the hassle, you can use online printing like Photojaanic to turn your photos into travel keepsakes.


I hope these tips will help enhance the travel photos you capture to keepsake your adventures!

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