5 ways to Unwind without losing Productivity!

5 ways to Unwind without losing Productivity!

Hello ERTSY Fam! I write about my corporate life full of pressures all the time. Working full time while juggling school and trying to ace it all does take a toll on all kinds of creative inspirations a mind can have. yes, that’s why this blog. However, I find myself in a classic catch22 situation more often than not – No blog without creativity, no creativity without the blog. A similar thing happened with this article, too. And while I’ve written about the need to embrace and how to deal with pressure before, I felt the need to unwind and thus the need to share it. Hence the 5 ways to unwind and in a fashion that helps it happen without losing productivity!


You see, today’s blog is an epitome of itself.


As I sit on my bed at a late hour, trying to muster inspiration for an article, I can’t help but think of other bloggers or writers who go through the same thing. This is not even a writer’s block, it is just the long and forgone pressure that has built up. And that also makes me think of everyone hustling for a better life. I mean, we all have our pressures to deal with, right? And, thus the need for everyone to unwind and obviously without losing they productivity or the hustling spirit entirely.


1. Take a walk

5 ways to Unwind without losing Productivity!

Seriously. As cliché as this sounds, taking a walk will always help you unwind. Yes! Even if you’re angry, taking a walk will help you rationalize it. But this doesn’t mean you should pace around a room. Try walking back from work, enjoy the scenery, observe people, but more importantly, observe your body rhythm. Reflect on your happy memories and connect with yourself. Trust me, once you start taking a walk, just for taking a walk, you will feel re-energized and ready to take on a new day of work in as short as 20 minutes!


2. Get hooked up on a multiplayer game

Online crossword, chess, sudoku… anything. Pick something that stimulates your brain and play it in an online multiplayer format so that you can keep coming back to it in your time. This way, you can unwind, sharpen your cognitive skills, and not be burdened by the need to continue it by compromising something else, too. So many objectives are met in on go – who knew!

5 ways to Unwind without losing Productivity!

3. Pin and Organize your inspirations

I am really not a Pinterest person but my recent quest for inspiration has taken me there and boy, is it wonderful! If you, like me, like to clean up and organize but don’t want to physically exhaust yourself, Pinterest is legit FOR you! From your dream home to your office, put them all together and visualize your strong future or just curate your favorite dogs. What better to keep you motivated than the power of visualization!!


4. Take an E-Vacay

No, I’m not gonna ask you to keep your electronics away because that seriously affects productivity and that’s anti this list! Instead, I ask you to use internet for the wonder it is and read and feed on information. Browse through quora, or look at blogs (like mine), and plan vacations. Try to stay in the sphere while being able to take a break from your pressing work. I do this on a daily basis, really. Nothing better than learning something more rather than toiling and losing my spirit on a work mid-day.


5 ways to Unwind without losing Productivity!

5. Do a Wellness Routine (for once)

I say ‘for once’ because my personal research has found that wellness routines if done once in a while, are more effective than if done every day (JK). No, but seriously, wellness routines are a great way to unwind while being able to get in touch with yourself. End your day with your own ritual; could be as small as washing your face and using a night cream but give some time to yourself and make yourself feel appreciated. Trust me, this one is a miracle worker!


So, that is all I’ve discovered in my angst to unwind without losing productivity. Do share if you have any more awesome ideas that you help yourself with. If you do end up trying some of these, don’t forget to share your results, too.


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, stay healthy, and (try to) stay happy! xo

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