5 Women who Redefined the 60s!

Women who Redefined the 60s

Bonjour, Ertsy people! Welcome back to your favourite fashion blog to keep up with all sorts of fashion coming and in style. Today, we talk about 5 powerful, absolutely gorgeous women from the 60s who redefined their decade and peaked. Obviously, the list can be much, much longer but these are my 5 of my favourite, most unconventional women who reeked power and style, and you can tell me about yours in the comments below. It has been much of a struggle already to shortlist the ones I wanted to talk about, but I’ve just narrowed on the basis of who inspired me the most.

So, look out as we talk about their coming of fashion and what can be take away from these power women!


1. Audrey Hepburn


Well, one can absolutely not talk about the 60s without mentioning this wonderful, inspirational lady right here. The epitome of grace and style, Ms. Hepburn set the bar ahead of times with her unique and un-blending style. Even to this day, no woman can find a better idol when wanting to look at as a lady!

Take Away: You don’t always need to be bold to be beautiful, you just need to carry yourself with grace and confidence.


2. Donyale Luna


With her hypnotic eyes and passion for dream, Ms. Luna became the first african-american model to have been featured on the cover of the British Vogue. She was so striking and so inspiring that in its April 1, 1966, issue, Time magazine described her as “a new heavenly body who, because of her striking singularity, promises to remain on high for many a season. Donyale Luna, as she calls herself, is unquestionably the hottest model in Europe at the moment. She is only 20, a Negro, hails from Detroit, and is not to be missed if one reads Harper’s Bazaar, Paris Match, Britain’s Queen, the British, French or American editions of Vogue.”

Take Away: You don’t need fit into any stereotype of your time to confirm to your dreams. Your passion shall always make world change its way for you!


3. Mary Quant


Ms. Quant joins the list as not only a fashion designer and style icon herself  but also as a person who inspired most of the other style icons of the 60s. She was actually the one who preached the idea of women needing to be comfortable with what they wear and have fun with their ideas of fashion. From her then unconventional hairstyle to her unconventional thoughts, she was a true legend and changed the way we viewed fashion forever!

Take Away: Your thoughts will always reflect your style and your style your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to adorn what you believe in. Have fun, while you’re at it! *wink*


4. Candice Bergen


This woman is to this day one of my favourite actresses. When you see her on screen, you just know about how god dang true she is. It wasn’t a surprise to me when I got to know that this 60s beauty debuted with a lesbian movie back in the day. More so, she’d never shy away from controversy and always spoke her mind. I guess that is what I like the most about her style, too. In the decade where everyone was wear dresses and going all elegant, Candice was fierce and fearless in her pant-suits!

Take Away: Never be afraid to be yourself. Period.


5. Elizabeth Taylor


English-American actress, businesswoman, humanitarian, fashion inspiration and more, there’s seriously nothing I can say about this woman that you don’t already know! Hail Cleopatra!!

Take Away: Always be yourself, unless you can be Elizabeth Taylor; if yes, be Elizabeth Taylor. J.K. Be yourself, but seriously, think about everything you can give back, too. Giving back to the society with what you achieve is the best thing you can achieve!



60s is from where I draw most of my fashion inspiration and you should, too.

Till then, stay ertsy! 😉


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  1. The 60s was such an inspiring and fiery decade. Nice post. I adore everything about Audrey Hepburn. She’s so empowering, smart, and confident.

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