6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

Having been a Parisian for a while, I have learned two things… 1) the locals don’t dislike the tourist, they’re just indifferent and 2) the charm of the Eiffel Tower never really wears off. I mean, seriously, even after n number of visits to this ‘wonder of the world’, I, at least, still can’t seem to get over it. Without any judgments, hence, I understand that once in Paris you want to get the best shots of the Eiffel Tower in your pictures. That’s exactly why I created this list of the 6 Best Spots for the Eiffel Tower shots.


Do note that this list will henceforth be constantly updated if I do find any new places or such.

For now, this list has 6 of the top spots from where you can get the best street shots with the Eiffel Tower in them looking effortlessly chic living your best Parisian life. This doesn’t include Trocadero gardens as that’s the most obvious (and crowded) place to take the Eiffel Tower picture from.


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6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

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Now back to our list!


Best Spots for the Eiffel Tower shots:


1. Rue de l’Universite

6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

This has to be the most iconic and celebrated street shot spot for the Eiffel Tower picture. It’s always crowded and can be a bit overwhelming, at times, too. I recommend going here early in the morning to catch the best of the tilting sunlight and get that perfect picture.


2. Rue St. Dominique

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Tucked away in one of the poshest areas of the city, this street boasts of a mix of old and new that the city has to offer. As it is a bit further away from the Eiffel tower itself,  you can get a beautiful shot with the top of the tower from this street. It looks even better in the Parisian evening when the street and the majestic tower lights up!


3. Square Rapp

Now, this is a (not so secret) secret spot all bloggers and Instagrammers are aware of. In fact, you’ll always find many of them here. The buildings curve perspectives to create the perfect frame for the Eiffel Tower here. I recommend going here during the golden hour to get your best shot.

4. Avenue de Camoens

6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

A beautiful stairway with the Eiffel Tower at the end literally lights up the sunset. It’s definitely off-beat and a little less explored as compared to the other spots I’ve mentioned so far in the list. 


5. Pont de Bir Hakim

6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

The bridge from Inception (movie) also spots some of the best views of the Eiffel Tower. Of course, the bridge itself makes for some great frames too. If you go early in the morning, you’ll find all kinds of spots free enough to get that memorable Paris shot.


6. Pont Alexandre III

6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

This is definitely my favorite spot for the Eiffel Tower shot in the city because it’s from a beautiful bridge, encompassing the essence of the city, the river seine and more. I absolutely love the vibe here. The best part is that you can come here at any time of the day and get your best shot.


So, that’s all in my list of the best spots for the Eiffel tower shots today. If you can think of any more, do leave them in the comments below.


6 Best Spots for the Perfect Eiffel Tower shots

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