6 favourite: Old Delhi Eateries

6 favourite: Old Delhi Eateries

If you’re a foodie and don’t know any better than to go grab the tastiest munch regardless of what’s the purpose of your expedition to any place, you’ve come to the right corner for the advice. Here’s a list of my favorite food heavens from old Delhi! Yes! A list of all old Delhi eateries you need to try!

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1. Paranthe Wali Gali

20 shops where you must try the savory and sweet parantha’s served piping-hot with finger-licking accompaniments. Must-taste dishes are the Gobhi, Aloo, Paneer, Methi, Papad, Rabri, Mix-Veg, Daal-Aloo Special Parathas. The sweet-filled Kela, Gajar, and Meva Parathas add a twist to the definition of deserts in this street where some establishments have survived since 1875 and famous clientele over six generations have raved about the taste and hunger-awakening aromas here!

2. Karim’s

Starting out in1913 in Old Delhi’s Jama Masjid area has served Mughlai dishes that once tickled the royal taste-buds of emperors. Makhani Murg, Mutton Biryani, Tandoori Bakra, Paya, Mutton Roganjosh, Badam Pasanda, Sheermal, Roghini, and Keema Naans with melt-in-the-mouth tikkas and kebabs are time-tested royal recipes handed down over generations. Yes! I was a non-vegetarian foodie once!

3. Roshan di Kulfi

After good food one must have better dessert at Karol Bagh’s Roshan-di-Kulfi where the famous kulfis and falooda are literally the icing on the cake! From a street food vendor in the 1950’s to today’s most sought out eatery proves that with food it is about taste, taste, and taste again!

4. Moti Mahal Restaurant

They basically introduced Tandoori chicken and butter chicken to a new independent-India in Old Delhi and has been a rage for its delectable dishes since 1947. Easily named the golden oldie its food has been savored by scores of famous personalities and is now a part of our culture and legacy

5. Indian Coffee House

Standing tall since 1957 at the Connaught Place where today’s Palika Bazaar is, this is one of my fondest college time memories. The aromatic coffee, snacks and the time spent here are probably the reason for the Coffee-Book culture and never appears to lose its flavor for gossip over a coffee!

6. Kwality’s

And before I was a vegetarian, I also was a sucker for them. Chicken Stroganoff, Dal Gosht, Tandoori Pomfret, or Kakori Kebab all taste better with the 1970 music playing in the background and evoking memories of a half-century ago Connaught Place. Uff!


The well-informed, verified drivers on Savaari will definitely tell you about the more famous joints. Like, Saravana Bhavan, Udupi Hotel, Gymkhana Club, Nizams Kathi Kebab, United Coffee House, Uncle Tom’s Maggi Point, Kake-Da-Hotel, The National, and Wenger and so on. But none as iconic as these old Delhi eateries.

So, that’s my list. How many have you checked-in already? Have you discovered some more that you’d like to share? Go use the comments below!

For more of my travel in style adventures, keep readying ERTSY. Till then, ‘Bon Appetit’!

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