6 Tricks to look better in Pictures!

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We all fashion addicts have been there, spending an eternity in front of mirror prettifying face using varied beauty products, only to discover ourselves looking like a white ghost in pictures. What went wrong? Here is a list of fail-safe beauty tricks which will help you look gorgeous in your pictures:

Stay away from SPF products



How many times have you come across celebrity makeup pictures where you saw white powder on their face? I am sure the count must be too big to remember. The reasons behind that being that their makeup artists used too much of HD powder and used SPF based powders. Flash photography and SPF based base products like foundation and powder don’t exactly go hand in hand. There are exceptions to this but it is better to stay clear of such products to avoid looking like a white ghost in pictures.

Use a makeup spray



You spent an hour in front of your mirror, applying different kinds of beauty products on your face and performing the art of layering to prevent your makeup from melting in the scorching heat. But all those moves on the dance floor did contribute to the shine on your face, making your face look like a disco ball in the pictures. Needless to say, it is imperative to use a setting spray to seal your makeup and avoid it from transferring. Apply it from an appropriate distance after you have completed your makeup routine and then wait for a minute to let it set. You can find many options on Nykaa. Find exclusive coupons for Nykaa on CashKaro and purchase with the bonus of Cashback.

Add a lot of drama



And by that, I mean to your lashes! Use mascara that not just separates your eyelashes but also lengthens them and provides volume. You might want to skip lengthening mascara if you wear glasses as your lashes can collide with your glasses. Apart from this, you can also add false eyelashes to add extra oomph. This will help in lending a wide awake effect to your eyes and help them stand out.

Don’t forget your brows



Filling in eyebrows makes a world of difference in framing your face shape. Try skipping it for once and notice how incomplete your face appears, especially in photographs. Devote extra time to fill in your brows. Photography can lighten your features and perfectly filled in brows will help tame that effect. There are a variety of eyebrow products which you can choose from to fill in your eyebrows. There are eyebrow powder, gels, pencils and even stencils so that you can change their shape if you want to. Purchase an eyebrow filler set today itself by availing Koovs coupons available on CashKaro. You will get ample of choices to select your preferred one within your budget.

Whiten your teeth



You should want your teeth to appear nothing less than dazzling in picture you are smiling. Stained teeth are such a turn off. Whiten them using baking soda trick which is extremely inexpensive. You can also opt for Blue based lipsticks as they give the illusion of whiter looking teeth.

Create definition



Attract attention to the good features of your face by adopting the art of contouring. It is not necessary to use a bronzer for contouring your face. A blush can also help you create dimensions on your face. The thing you have to take care of here is to apply blush as per your face shape and also sweep it lightly under your cheekbones to create a shadow effect. Even if the picture is a black and white, your face will still look defined.

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