7 amazing things to do in Gozo

Things to do in Gozo Malta

Spending the last leg of 2018 in the Southern Mediterranean Island of Malta was probably one of the best decisions I made this year. If you have an ounce of doubt about it, you should check out my Malta travel diary. However, that article was only about the main island of Malta. This one is all about the amazing things to do in Gozo, one of the 21 islands in the Maltese Archipelago. In a nutshell, Gozo is known for the remains of the Neolithic temples of Ġgantija, its rural hiking trails, beaches, and scuba diving sites.

As I rode the Gozo Ferry Line from the Cirkewwa port to Gozo, I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of the Mediterranean. So, I’ll suggest taking this trip just for its scenic beauty. Furthermore, Gozo is small but literally has all kinds of landscapes imaginable. The one day trip I took to Gozo was an absolute delight, even with the December winds. So, here’s my curated list of 7 must things to do in Gozo to ease the planning for your next trip to the country.

My Outfit:

Complimenting the extraordinary day that I had in Gozo, I wore a rather ordinary white dress that was made extraordinary by this stunning printed Kimono from this boutique brand of Anita, courtesy one of my favorite store for my beachwear – UKSwimwear. I mean, let me take a moment to appreciate how this whole ensemble of the outfit and scenic beauty of Gozo just blends in together. Not to brag but “Majestic AF” is what I think I look like here! You can get this and many similar pieces from the online store, too. This is my third beach wear collab with them and I can vouch that they truly never-ever disappoint!

Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel

I also alternated with this Crochet Hollow Kimono With Fringes from Shein. What can you say, I love Kimonos. I am a fan of how light & easy to wear this Kimono is. Especially for that time right after a swim. Plus you can never really go wrong with white & crochet on a beach, can you?

Malta Style Beach fashion Travel

Things to do in Gozo:

1. Witness the majestic-ness of Azure Window

So what if the Azure Window was broken off by the awful storms of 2017, the remains and the whole site is still a wonder in itself. I recommend wearing good shoes to hop around on the rocky limestones on the stretch and really just take in all of the beautiful views and majesticness of nature at this place.

Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel

2. Peace stop at Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu Basilica

Not a famous stop but as photogenic as it gets. I think the best part about this basilica for me is the (dome & pillars) Arabic architecture on a Christian monument. It’s not that unseen before, but it just comes together so well amidst the rather empty surroundings & clear skies.

Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel

3. Go Skyline & Landscape hunting from Citadel

Citadel serves as a high point you want to be on to see all of Gozo (almost), at once. I loved walking around here, through the small chinks and caverns to come on top and see Gozo from a unique angle, each time. I recommend spending a good 1-2 hours here & just enjoying the skylines & landscapes of the island.

Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel

4. Chill at Ramla Bay

It’s objectively one of the most famous beaches of Gozo. Unfortunately, I couldn’t swim here (because December, duh) but it’s perfect for a chilling scene in the summers.

Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel

5. Rendezvous with the underwater biodiversity

Another thing I’ve kept for my next visit but going by the sites I saw from the distance and accounts I read, I have to put this is on my list.

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6. Explore the Pre-Historic Ggantija Temples

These megalithic structures often called the oldest monumental structures in the world (tracing to 5000BC) a set of two megalithic temples in Malta located in the center of the island of Gozo. They are literally called the ‘Giant Ones’ in the local language because they’re so huge compared to their contemporary technology that it’s believed that only giants could’ve made them. Like most of the majestic things on the island, they are also made of Limestones and made by only stone tools. I mean, if that doesn’t interest you, what will?

Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel

7. Escape to Comino Water Lagoons

I don’t think I need to even sell this idea. It’s another small island at jump distance from Gozo and has a water lagoon and more seclusion and natural beauty. Just go for it!

Gozo Style Beach fashion Travel


That’s all for my list of things to do in Gozo. Feel free to add more from your experiences as suggestions in the comment section below. Do check out the Malta Travel Diary and the ERTSYCHIC LUXESCAPES from Malta if you haven’t already.

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  1. I just came back from a tour you gave with your words… Totally interesting… Like a beautiful free bird, you not only live for yourself but let others live too. We live by your description here.. Kidos.

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