7 Inspiring Women You Should Know about

7 Inspiring Women You Should Know about

Although you can’t celebrate women or the womanhood in a day, International Women’s Day is a great reminder and starting point. Originally called International Working Women’s Day, it is celebrated on March 8 every year.

And, I’m absolutely ecstatic to talk about these awesome, women entrepreneurs who are working at different levels in different industries to make the world a better place in their own ways. In French, the term ‘entrepreneur’ roughly translates into ‘adventurer’. When a woman embarks on this adventure in the modern world of business, the challenges are multi-layered and more complex to those faced by men. So, as fellow women, it’s but our job to hype them up!

In a recent interview, renowned designer and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham said that working women should do away with the guilt that weighs them down and be proud of their perseverance, struggle and accomplishments. Taking from that, here’s a list of some amazing women in their respective fields who we are celebrating as the women’s day this year.


1) Leading change by Affirmative Action: Namita Shah

As a lawyer, CA & CPA (USA) by training, Namita was in a comfortable, well-paying job serving in the diamond & jewellery industry when she realized the pains of capitalist worlds and. She saw several businesses and families fall apart due to disputes turning demonic. She often saw people seeking legal aid for conflict resolution with the corporate giants but being met with big legal fee and heaps of disappointments. This led her to co-found Presolv360. It’s an amazing platform that blends law and technology to help people and businesses resolve disputes without going to courts – right from their laptops or even smartphones.
Following the chains of her few but strong success stories, she has been recognized among the top 60 in the ‘Women Transforming India, 2018’ initiative of the GoI. Plus, she’s also a part of WEE Foundation (Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment), AFI (Action For India) and Agnii.
Now, that’s a woman to look up to!

Find out more about her & her venture:

Website: https://www.presolv360.com/

LinkedIn (Presolv360): https://in.linkedin.com/company/presolv360

LinkedIn (Namita): https://in.linkedin.com/in/namita-shah-a115857a


2) Compassionate Artiste: Krupa Shah

I discovered Krupa recently and of whatever work I’ve seen of her, I can definitely feel the artistic flairs she reverberates through her work. Not only is she a celebrated contemporary & abstract artist but has also been commended by the veterans of her space. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, a little more digging on her profile reveals that she has been an active member of FICCI, All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum. But beyond her commendable work ethic and awarded contribution to the field of art, is her compassion for the society that won me over. An artist with a mission, firmly believes that Art has a higher purpose in life.

In fact, using painting as a medium of expression, she also teaches visually impaired children that life is all about taking up challenges and showing the world that nothing is impossible. Her initiatives span from raising funds towards causes like Maharashtra CM’s clarion call for helping the drought-affected farmers in Maharashtra and her to fighting for the justice for Asifa. It’s often advertised in the popular culture that ‘artists’ are aloof & conceited and Krupa is just one of those few who restores all the hope.

If you’re a budding artist or someone who shares her compassion for greater causes that can be contributed towards with art, reach out to her today!

Find out more about her & her venture:


3) Front Runner for Financial Independence of women: Ananya Mukherjee

Did you know? 48.5% of the Indian population is women. That is almost half of the population. But this segment of the population is mostly underutilized or unutilized. And in an attempt to help to accelerate the Indian economic growth as well as empower women, Ananya started Jumbleboo. Recognised as one of the top 300 startups of India by the renowned – IIM Calcutta Ananya’s venture is all about tapping into the ‘work from home’ market of India. The main focus of her scope covers house-wives and mothers who have skill and potential but lack quality opportunities to undertake.

It’s especially inspiring because she got into this space out of the need to balance her own life after motherhood. What better than a woman who’s so strong that not only does she transform her own circumstances but attempts to uplift those around her!

Find out more about her & her venture: https://www.facebook.com/ananyaavikmukherjee


4) The fashionista with a sustainable vision: Aditi Swarup Jain

Aditi Swarup Jain is the founder of Fabnest.com- a new fashion store on the block! Unlike many others, though, it emphasizes on quality for affordable prices. The styles are unique and perfect for the new age office going girl gang. But what’s really unique about my namesake is that she and her store are big on ethical conservation in the fashion scene. From ethical sourcing to making sure that even the last of her fabrics (Katran) is used in the production process, her vision is that of long term sustainability.

As a fashion lover myself, there’s nothing more fulfilling to see that a store that actually cares about the environment in it’s very DNA. Moreover, seeing this woman’s commitment to her venture is good enough to inspire any up & coming, entrepreneur!

Kudos to you and your commitment!

Find out more about her & her venture: Fabnest.co.in

5) Young Social Entrepreneur and Artist: Swati Pasari

There’s absolutely nothing more inspirational than a young woman going all out to achieve her dreams and also gives back to the community around her. While accompanying her grandfather in running a successful NGO in Varanasi, the oldest city in India, she found her calling in social work. Hse utilized her foreign training and education to get back to her roots and made it a mission to work on the grassroots’ level. Once she discovered that her medium of expression is through paintings and sculptures, she quickly added those to her social entrepreneurship, too. Today, she is exhibiting all over the world and raising funds and creating avenues for those who depend on her.

Power to you, girl!

Find out more about her & her venture: https://www.facebook.com/pricelesspossesions

6) Sustainable Tourism Champion & CEO: Akanksha Garg

7 Inspiring Women You Should Know about

Akanksha Garg started her entrepreneurial foray into the travel industry at the age of 18. Since the very beginning, she has championed sustainable tourism as one of her guiding business principles, evident in all of her operations even after all of these years.

Her first project was the Sundarban Tiger Camp, established in 2004, followed by many outdoor spaces. Today she serves as the Director and CEO of the 3 properties that are a part of the Waxpol Hotels and Resorts hospitality brand!

In recognition of her efforts, Akanksha has won numerous high-profile tourism awards. In 2008, she was awarded the TiE Tiger Award for her tourism development initiatives in the Sundarbans, and the Rotary Club Award for CSR and the East India Travel Awards ‘Face of the Future’ Award in 2016. These are some of the recent recognitions she has received.

I absolutely love her commitment to her cause that she has maintained and leveraged her expertise on!

Find out more about her & her venture:

Instagram of Akanksha Garg: @axgarg

Instagram of Company: @waxpolhotels


7) YOU!


For all the failures, successes, insecurities and struggles you’ve sustained and tried to come strongly from, you’re an inspiration. For being a strong individual, who neither shies away from taking responsibilities nor from making sacrifices when needed. You, are an empowered woman, who can make her own decisions and a life that makes you beautiful in every way possible. Which is why you inspire me and many around you exceptionally.

So, pledge to be that woman, this women’s day. Well, while at it, also pledge to be the woman who helps other women stand up, influence them, raise them and be them. That, in all honesty, is the ultimate empowerment.


So, this women’s day, stay ERTSY, learn to love yourself because no one else deserves it as you do.

AND, Don’t be the girl that fights, be the woman that empowers.

Happy International Women’s Day! xx

Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 26; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist |

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