7 Most Photogenic Streets in Paris

7 Most Photogenic Streets in Paris

Paris is, undisputedly, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With some of the most historic to some of the most celebrated monuments in the world, the charm of this city appeals to all ages and demographics. The Parisian Fashion Scene that I’ve talked about in my previous blogs, also adds to the distinctive personality of the city. However, in today’s world of documenting memories, it’s all about the ‘gram (Instagram). So, I decided to compile a list of 7 Most Photogenic Streets in Paris.

To ensure quality, I have been to all of these 7 streets, even if I have my own shots only from 6 of those due to logistics. Hence, I assure you that if you’re a photography enthusiast, an Instagram lover, or just want to see the historical and beautiful streets of Paris, you are in for a treat. This list is that of my personal favorites and has names of some hidden gems, too.

Before I proceed to the list, I want to share this as a word of caution that there are some basic etiquettes to street shooting. Make sure you respect the privacy of the home/business owners by not being loud or overbearing and not taking pictures with sign-boards prohibiting them. This is important for my spell out because even though as a digital content creator, I appreciate the scenic beauty and the importance of capturing it, I do believe in respecting people, too. I mean, it’s their property, after all!

7 Most Photogenic Streets in Paris:

1. Rue Crémieux

A lovely surprise of a pedestrian street is fairly close to the center with colorful houses. Located in the 12th arrondissement, between Rue de Lyon and Rue de Bercy, it’s a short walk from the Gare de Lyon metro station and is an absolute photographer’s delight.

2. Rue de la Abreuvoir

Most photogenic street in Paris, La Maison Rose

A majestic street in the magical Montmartre village, Rue de la Abreuvoir, is everything majestic and romantic about Pairs. Literally translating to mean ‘streets of the drinker’, it has everything from a Pink french cafe, to grand city views and more. It’s particularly special for me as it was my first ever in this list of the most photogenic streets in Paris.

3. Avenue Montaigne

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The high fashion street, right behind the famous Champs-Elysees, Avenue Montaigne, has the character and charm of everything classy Paris stands for. The character filled buildings and the flagship stores of all the famous luxury brands just add to the charm!

4. Rue Galande

7 Most Photogenic Streets in Paris

An almost 200m long street filled with restaurant and visual treats, this place has a young vibe and tucked right behind the beautiful Notre Dame church. It’s a must visit for its pastel restaurants and buildings, as well as the great food!

5. Passage Boudin

(image via Paris Adele)

An art and artifact-filled passage with artistic remains from the previous century, Passage Boudin has a country/village charm to it. While it may be a photo lover’s favorite, it also makes for a great romantic walk in the daytime.

6. Passage des Panoramas

Full of restaurants and old bookshops, Passage des Panoramas is one of the many beautiful passages in the city center. It’s tucked away in almost secrecy and looks nothing short of dreamy. Go for the books, the lights, or the pictures, but this passage is a must visit!

7. Rue Chanoinesse

7 Most Photogenic Streets in Paris

Another street in the heart of the city, Rue Chanoinesse is a five-minute walk from Notre Dame and is one of the most charming beauties. It may appear to be ordinary to some at first but it has some great passages of its own other than the majestic buildings it hosts. Besides, the calm of this street makes it a perfect photography spot!


So, that was my list of the most photogenic streets in Paris. If you want to add to the list, feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share your pictures from these spots when you do visit, too.

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