A Movie at the ‘Sunset Drive in’ in my Savaari

A Movie at the 'Sunset Drive in' in my Savaari

I can unabashedly call myself a movie junkie. Netflix just generously adds to my daily visual drug. Let’s admit it, even those who have never been into ‘binge-watching’ have taken quite a fancy to these movie apps. And why not? Going to theaters sound a little boring at times, and there’s nothing new to look forward to when it comes to a movie experience. Or so my friend shared her story about her anecdotal experience that I’ll be sharing with you today.

P.S.: I’m gonna write the following in the first person from her POV hereon.


I thought till I spend a weekend at my bestie’s in Ahmedabad. It was a Saturday evening and we both were contemplating on the plan for the night when she suggested we go for a ‘drive-in’ movie.

I knew about the concept of an open-air theater from movies, books, and my parents who had been privy to this retro trend. I had no idea this was back in vogue to our millennial lives! After a tiring week at work, neither of us wanted to drive. So, we rented a car with Savaari local. In an hour we headed out on Sindhu Bhavan Marg towards Drive In Road. First, I wondered how it would be to drive into an open theater in a cab. But our cabbie looked well-acquainted with the movie culture of Ahmedabad and he seemed equally excited that we were going for the movie.

A theater of a kind

We reached the grounds sometime around 9 pm. It was right after the festivals and the air was nicely nippy. We still had an hour before the show, so we explored the premise. The Sunset Drive-In Theater is a massive public ground with manicured gardens and fountains. There is an auditorium which hosts the huge screen. Apparently, this theater boasts the biggest open-air screen in Asia and comes with Dolby Digital surround sound system.

We also found a cafeteria in one corner which had all sorts of munchies, popcorn, sodas, coffee, and even mini meals. The picnic benches were already packed with people flocking in for their Saturday night entertainment. The overall ambiance gave an old-world feel and had a warm vibe about it.  We grabbed big servings of chilled soda pops and tubs of popcorn. I highly recommend booking a taxi with Savaari and exploring the city of Ahmedabad.

A movie night with a twist

My friend was well-prepared and had packed a couple of blankets and cushions. First, we thought of crashing on the sit out area where lots of families, couples, and even solo movie-goers had found a spot. But I realized it would be no fun if we didn’t do it the way they did in the old days.

We requested our cabbie, who laughed off our request first but eventually agreed to let us perch ourselves on the hood. And while we enjoyed the overall atmosphere, our cabbie friend managed to catch the movie with us, sitting right on his driving seat.

This was really a unique experience for me, and for both of us.

For a change, I was not missing Netflix, my Saturday special massive ice-cream tub, or my blanket. Because sans the WiFi, everything else remained the same, rather more refreshing, with the starry sky above us and an adventurous movie playing in front of me, while I lazed on the hood of the car.

After watching a movie at the Sunset Theater, in a rented cab, I have a recommendation to all movie lovers. Once in a while, do abandon that couch and the plush comfort of your home and absorb some natural environment. Feel the fresh breeze while your favorite movie scenes unfold in front of you. Whether you are with your special someone, friends, or family, this open-air theater is sure to change your movie-watching experience.


While I’m yet to visit Ahmedabad,  this story has got me super enthusiastic for sure. And for all my traveling friends there, I highly recommend booking a taxi with Savaari and exploring the city of Ahmedabad.

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