A writer’s dream— JBM’16 !


Zee Jaipur Literature Festival opens in exactly 10 days from now and well, so does Jaipur Book Mark!

While as a literature enthusiast, I’m absolutely excited at the possibility of meeting so many literary laureates together at the ZeeJLF’16, as an aspiring writer Jaipur Book Mark 2016 will prove to be of the utmost importance to me.

JBM’16 is looking forward to host some 65 of the biggest names in the publishing industry. They will not only be imparting all the important details of the existing writings but also about what the future holds and how can you, I or any aspiring author make way for themselves.

Jbm’16 also provides an excellent opportunity for translators.

With its wealth of literatures in over 23 languages, India offers a rich landscape of writing. JBM is well placed to showcase the best of such writing and to help facilitate the sale and exchange of rights both between Indian languages and internationally. JBM 2016 will feature a catalogue of a select list of works on offer for translation, samples of translations for publishers and agents to get a feel of the work, discussions on rights sales and contracts for print, digital and film.

JBM’16 is looking at publishers, national and international agents, all in search of new authors, new subjects, new languages, new countries& new literature and if you have the potential, here’s your chance on a platter to get noticed!

I can’t help but count days to get closer to this reality where I get to see the major market runners from the country and abroad like Oxford, Vani Prakashan, Yatra Books, Penguin, Westland Books,… well, that’s not even half the list! And if you think publishers aren’t your thing, there’s the golden opportunity to learn the business from the phenomenal author-turned-publisher successes like Ravinder Singh and Cornelia Funke!

So, if you’re serious about writing and want to see yourself in the industry, JBM’16 is the right platform for you to not only meet the industry specialists but also get to get a step closer to chasing your passion!

Jaipur Book Mark’16 is the flagship event of ZeeJLF’16

…being held in Jaipur on 21st and 22nd January. You may register as a delegate on jaipurliteraturefestival.org and enjoy the best of the fest!


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