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Salut Ertsy people! I’m so keen to know what’s keeping you revved up this week? For me, it has been all about my drive for this week’s fashion look. I’ve been getting these artistic fits all of this week where I just couldn’t get myself to rest before I created a freaky, artsy, ertsy style for my next look book. And quite honestly, I’ve been able to stop gushing since the moment I’ve got the final pictures! (Such an artiste freak.)

This definitely has to be one of my most preferred looks of all times! The best part is that because I’ve been so bad at creating art on paper that I could channelize my inclination and instinct in what I do the best – Fashion!

So, here I am, sharing this very ertsy, very detailed and very me style so you too can make the best out of it!

The Look:

I started with a great fuchsia dress with a very jazzy black-shine-button-up-collar. Some elaborate neck chains in silver and black and gold nude glitter shoes to add a dimension to the look.


I’m not wearing any elaborate make-up, just some eye-liner and a lip-gloss. And an edgy feather ear-cuff. And alternated with my gold-black sunglasses. *pouts*


Then I added the master-stroke by adding this coachella-styled white shrug and a silver sling bag. You see, the accessories add so much dimension to the look and everything you add to sync with your look adds to your personality!



And the shrug just adds so much to your comfort and the style.

IMG_20160509_152743-001 IMG_20160509_154519-001IMG_20160509_153031-001

Just explore your personality and each variable of what style can mean to you. That’s what fashion and style is all about. Reveal your vision and your art on the canvas you are.




And honestly, when you’re confident and feisty in all your right and know how to desire yourself over every one else, you sure qualify to become everything beautiful and the artiste freak!


Now go ahead, paint your own canvas of passion with all this fashion out there and be your own desire!


Aditi Parashar
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