Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

First blog of 2019, and what a better way than to start with a fashion challenge. In my last shopping haul, in collaboration, with FemmeLuxe, I talked about fitted clothes made me feel conscious and empowered, all at once. A piece that stood out for most of you and me

5 Places on my 2019 travel list

Irrespective of how awful 2018 was for the world, I have to give this year credit for all the amazing things it brought me. Whether it was my school, career or the blog, I had my struggles but came out victorious, always. If not with a prize, always with a



Up until this point, you’ve heard me brag too many times of being on budget and such. However, as of summer 2018, I officially switched things up with my semi luxe travel feature section - ErtsyChic Luxescapes. I had a great response to my first ever hotel/experience review account, published

Things to do in Malta

Things to do in Malta

With two beach vacations already done this year, one would think I’ve had enough and right in December, I decided to take off to Malta. Now, Malta has been on my mind for a long time but I had a lot of apprehensions about this place. I was pleasantly surprised,

7 amazing things to do in Gozo

Things to do in Gozo Malta

Spending the last leg of 2018 in the Southern Mediterranean Island of Malta was probably one of the best decisions I made this year. If you have an ounce of doubt about it, you should check out my Malta travel diary. However, that article was only about the main island

10 things I want in my ‘Dream Space’

10 things I want in my 'Dream Space'

As you may have already figured, I travel a lot. From some dingy hostels & motels around the world to some of the most exciting, upscale places, I’ve done a lot more than I’d imagined I will. Yes, I’m only 24, and I still have a world to see, literally.

4 Casual Style Picks: FemmeLuxe Haul

4 Casual Style Picks- FemmeLuxe Haul

With Holiday season afoot, I have been treating myself to shopping sprees a lot lately. Even though it starts with the need to buy gifts for others, it ends up with me buying something for myself. I have no qualms about it though, especially when I discover new & amazing

8 Straight from Runway Coats Wishlist

skirt style trench coat TRAVEL STYLE

The make or break of any winter outfit is the coat you decide to style it with. So, what better than to style your outfit in the latest autumn-winter trends! How would you do that without shelling the big buck, you ask? Well, that's what this awesome straight from runway

5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas or is it a lazy fashionista? Well, well, well; I completely understand that loving fashion and being lazy is not a very amicable combination but then, what am I here for if not to make your life easier! *wink*So, I've got 5 awesome lazy fashionista hacks for

All things Vintage but Gender Equality

Bintage Fashion Feminism Gender equality

I’m a fan of the vintage era but if there’s something from the times of 2nd wave of Feminism that we’re still battling for is gender equality. I mean, the frocks are cute, women appear to be smiling, but it just keeps coming down to the appalling & ridiculous state