Styling outfits inspired by FRIENDS

I recently read somewhere how FRIENDS was the top viewed show in the lockdown period. Granted I can't find the accurate statistic, reference, or source to quote this information but I definitely believe it because it's 100% true for my case. I've been obsessed with the FRIENDS TV Series for

20 things I learned from 2020

20 things I learned from 2020

This 2020 year-end wrap-up highlights 20 things I learned from 2020 with 2 key objectives: a) trying to find the silver lining in this freakishly muddy year & b) highlight the awareness of the privilege of things I had taken for granted for so long. I'm sure a lot of

4 Classy winter must have pieces

We’ve entered December today, and with that, I must finally accept that winter is here. While winter is not my favorite time to be alive, fashion definitely gives me hope & warmth to keep up with it. So, in today’s article, I decided to create an edit of 4 classy

6 Premium pieces to instantly elevate your style X SHEIN

6 Premium pieces to instantly elevate your style X SHEIN

How many times have you seen someone wearing a rather effortless outfit and looking fly AF? How many times have you looked at your closet and felt that ‘effortless style’ lacking from your wardrobe? Well, let me share the secret with you in today’s blog- 6 premium pieces to instantly

4 Layered Blazer Dress styles for AW 2020

4 Layered Blazer Dress styles for AW 2020

I am obsessed with blazers. I love wearing them in all seasons & moods; styling them for all of the trend cycles. So, it’s only obvious that I love blazer dresses. I love their classy blazer cut complemented by the full-outfit potential they have. Well, except in 2020, they’re just

5 Autumn Knitwear Styles I’m crushing over in 2020

5 Autumn Knitwear Styles I'm crushing over in 2020

Autumn 2020 is here. Yes, 2020 has been alarmingly underwhelming so far, but changing seasons always put me in a good mood because a change in season means a change in my wardrobe. Currently, I’m all about autumn knitwear styles. I mean, who wouldn’t be. They’re gorgeous, functional, and so

5 Best Beaches in Cote D’azur

It's no surprise that the sunniest region in France - the south- is a vacation dream. In my previous blogs, I detailed on ideal itineraries, day trips, and even good hikes in the region. All that while amazing in itself,  The charm of Cote d’Azur remains in its beaches. With

5 affordable trendy plus-size clothing X

Lover-beauty is one of the popular women apparel online shop which sells plus size fashion and cheap plus size lingerie wholesale. So, I worked with them to get their 5 top recommendations for trendy plus-size clothing. Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect trendy plus-size clothing. But now it's super

5 off-beat intermediate Hiking trails in Cote d’Azur

Cote d'Azur is definitely a hiker’s paradise. While you may think it’s just about beaches and city glamour, it’s pretty diverse in terms of geographies. With its aerial views, doable escalations, and well-marked trails, it’s a great place for an intermediate hiker (like me) to dabble into the sport. So,