AW 2019 Styling: Corduroy jacket multiway

AW 2019 Styling: Corduroy jacket multiway

Of the many amazing trends that have picked my fancy this autumn, I think the one with corduroy is definitely the most utilitarian. If you don’t already know, corduroy is a textile comprised of a side of twisted fibers which, when woven, are parallel to each other (like scratches bayadères ) and the other of shaved and tight fiber. Modern corduroy is, in essence, a striated form of velvet. It’s super comfortable and chic, all at once.

Styling Corduroy can be a bit tricky due to its texture but it makes for one of the most trendy picks once you do get the hang of it. I think the trick is to just get a piece and go for it. And so I did!


Choosing the key piece

First things first, I had to choose a piece for myself. So, I got this SHEIN  X Madelaine Corduroy Jacket With Pockets from my partner site Shein. I got this piece from the collab my partner site SHEIN did with one of my latest celebrity crushes- Madelaine Petsch.

AW 2019 Styling: Corduroy jacket multiway

This jacket is trendy, comfortable, and represents a trend you can actually wear this Autumn. This particular jacket is of high quality and versatile, too. Which is what prompted me to style it in multiple ways, too.


Styling Corduroy jacket multiway


1. Form-fitting

Because this fabric is relatively light, you can tighten up the jacket like a shirt and make a form-fitting look. I am wearing a high paper-bag waist distressed jeans in the same color to make it look like an overalls look. Usually, denim pairs well with corduroy and so do cotton.

AW 2019 Styling: Corduroy jacket multiway

2. Layered look

Add a statement scarf to make your look elevated and layered in the true Parisian autumn fashion. I actually like to venture into the oversized territory with this with a hint of edgy street style. I used a satin finish scarf in animal print for that.

AW 2019 Styling: Corduroy jacket multiway

3. Overlay Jacket

Of course, a jacket can always be worn like a jacket. So, layer it over a camisole or a trendy tank top and flaunt your light jacket amidst the autumn winds.

AW 2019 Styling: Corduroy jacket multiway

So, that’s all in my styling tips bank for today. Obviously these styling tips are only for a jacket but in terms of matching fabrics, you can use this frame more generally too. If you have any other ideas with styling Corduroy wear, do share it in the comments below.

AW 2019 Styling: Corduroy jacket multiway

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