AW 2019 Trends: Parisian Bougie Girl

AW 2019 Trends: Parisian Bougie Girl

The hip and street fashion has been on every runway for a while now. In fact, neon is still a staple in almost all fashion weeks. However, with the Autumn/Winter 2019 came back to a classic trend that I’m currently obsessed with – Parisian Bougie Girl 2019. Yes, the ‘rich girl’ dressing is back in the trend and with the latest edge. The style is led by French classic brands Celine and Balenciaga this year but is being appropriated by literally every brand on the block.


The bougie or the bourgeoise style from Paris is all about wearing accentuated classic pieces in layers dominated by silhouette inspired by the 70s style of Parisian high class. I think this kind of balance out the over the influx of ‘hip street fashion’ while keeping a bit of balance with the actual ‘wearable’. The effortless elegance that is the stereotype or cliche of the French fashion, really.

AW 2019 Trends: Parisian Bougie Girl

In fact, even today the high/aristocratic class of Paris is call bourgeoise that has moved to the western part of the city. Of course, this interpretation of their fashion is less the contemporary bourgeoise from the west of Paris and more of a callback to the chic, classic bourgeoise from the (likes of) Marais district.


So, this all beautiful style is always at risk of being overdone because there’re really no codes. Unless you’re a born ‘Parisian rich girl’, of course. If you’re not, this blog today is just for you. I’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts on how to style the Parisian Bougie Girl autumn trend in 2019.


My Parisian Bougie Girl 2019 Look

Let’s start with my interpretation of the look. I have chosen a white blouse with a collar and black bow to start my lookout. The blouse is beautiful with many rows of buttons on them. It gets tucked into a pleated midi skirt in beige. I think I really love how the broad elastic on the skirt makes the waistline look so structured and beautiful. I added a check coat in the same color pallet to bring everything together. The outfit is coupled with canvas loafers in beige and black and light accessories (earrings & pearl clip). 

AW 2019 Trends: Parisian Bougie Girl

The entire outfit is from my partner site Shein. You can get these too from them and use ‘9ADITI’ to get 15% off.


Styling your Parisian Bougie Girl 2019 Look:



1. Choose all winners

Take all the pieces that are fabulous independently. Like the pieces I chose can all be worn independently, too. That doesn’t mean they all have to be loud but more just chic in an understated way. I think when you choose all winners in one outfit you truly embrace the classical rich girl styling.

2. Stick to a single pallet of color

You can befriend the browns to start with because they are classic colors you can be safe with. The idea is to keep a singular shade card throughout your outfit. You can lean on blacks if you’ve had enough of it but given the 2019 Pantone chart, brown, maroon, wine, beige and the color fam is the rage.

AW 2019 Trends: Parisian Bougie Girl

3. Keep it simple

The chicness of this trend is really in its simplicity. I know that’s a paradox given that the first point of this list asked you to put all ‘statement pieces’ in one outfit. However, when it comes to combining them together with accessories and makeup, you need to balance the extravaganza. Nude or no-makeup makeup look will really work the best with understated or no accessories, for example. Make sure your clothes are not color-blocking or heavily patterned either. Plain but accented is the mood board.



1. Worry about accessorizing

Taking forward the ‘Keep it Simple’ policy, accessorizing should be your lowest priority. You can easily go without but if you have to, understated jewelry, preferably in metallic will be your best bet. I also loved adding scrunchies to my look to make it more beautiful.

AW 2019 Trends: Parisian Bougie Girl

2. Shy away from the classics

What you’d usually consider ‘classic’ or not so edgy can actually work well in an ensemble. Even an underestimated straight jeans with the right kind of fluff and bowed blouse! Don’t forget to add a bag like the one I did (crocodile print brown bag) for the max trend effect in an understated, classy way.

AW 2019 Trends: Parisian Bougie Girl

I hope these tips are enough to give you an awesome kickstart to your own Parisian Bougie Girl styling. If you have any tips of your own, don’t forget to share them in the comments below with your girl!

Don’t forget to get my outfit and a lot more from my partner site Shein using code ‘ 9ADITI’ for an additional 15% off!

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