Creating Bridges of emotions and decisions.

“You have changed”, 

“You say it like it’s a bad thing”


By now, my early twenty-year-old brain tends to think bridges are to move on, than to fill gaps. With every experience towards the end of the journey, your currents change you a lot as a person. Decisions you made as a child may hold no weight anymore and your circumstances may give you all the more reasons for that. All of us, well most of us, have forbidden smoking as a child and gotten into its path while growing up. “Will never bleach my hair” or “Will have sex only with my wife”; Done much more things than we swore to never do, and held no amount of guilt within us in the process. It could be due to the fact that the bridge starts with innocence and as we approach towards adulthood, we lose ourselves while trying to colour ourselves the shades of the river.

A little child within us expects a fairytale while the adult warmly welcomes practicality. Hence, I have accepted how easily one can promise the world to another yet choose to be the first one to build a bridge and get over it when things end. The love we surround ourselves with pressurizes us to act out a certain way; a way that lives as hypocrisy in every one of us.

Build bridges not walls

What I have understood so far is that your innocence does not define you.

Not abiding by the person you were as a kid does not make you a bad human, it just makes you a different person.When others cannot accept your “new” mind and soul, they will cage you in your past, and hypocrisy would hit in if the tables were turned. But maybe we tend to forget how innocence never leaves us but matures with us and changes its label towisdom. 

Bridges may have simply been made to fill the gap. Nonetheless, the making of a bridge inherently unlocks another place which you earlier thought was unreachable. 

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Bridges by CoffyMug

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