Qui Vivra Verra

Paris Expat Experience

A rendezvous with a dream, change of place, people, city and everything in between… -- Louis XIV, amongst the other things, was famous for his emphasis on fashion, art, and culture. Even though the revolution marked the end of his monarchy, his attempts to embody France were far too surreal. The beginning


Creating Bridges of emotions and decisions.

“You have changed”,  “You say it like it’s a bad thing”   By now, my early twenty-year-old brain tends to think bridges are to move on, than to fill gaps. With every experience towards the end of the journey, your currents change you a lot as a person. Decisions you made as a

We don’t need a Women’s March

Women Empowerment March

In 1960s, when the Feminist movement caught on, the first wave feminists were a group of privileged women looking for equal opportunities for everyone. Well, to start with was rather peculiar to think that women needed equality in the first place. I mean, times were easier, they had access to

I am Piece of Art

I am Piece of Art

  A monologue of my thoughts: While going through a major chunk of my pictures last night, all I could think about was how camera shy I am. Like, I never look straight at the camera and smile. Like, I am just not happy with myself. There’s always this need to make a

Rubber Chappal

muddy feet

Another India-Pakistan Partition story, based on true events & written from an outsiders' perspective! “But baba, my chappal?” Runi kept shouting. “Maadi, you’re the best!” Runi had exclaimed in excitement when her mother gifted her those 8 aanas rubber chappals last Diwali. No one in the world, other than Runi knew the

The true rendition of a GIRL

Via lifeofmesheblogs.wordpress.com

‘Girl’ Numerous things pop in the head whenever we think of the word. Many, generally, create an image of a female with humongous breasts, fashion addict, a titillating physique to match with, a voice like silk, twinkling eyes, but no less than a bear trap, what with all her PMSing, insatiable love