5 High Street Fashionista on budget: Style Hacks

High Street Fashionista on budget: Style Hacks Travel

Are you, like me, a fashion victim under budget constraints? Are you wondering when you’ll be able to show your true fashion potential with this ongoing broke-life? Are you losing interest because this is now redundant and like a teleshopping ad? Well, look no further. I have for you, 5

3-Way Crop Top Styles for Curvy Girls

3-Way Crop Top Styles for Curvy Girls

The biggest fear of 2015 me was Masters’ applications, just slightly above them… Crop tops. When you’re a curvy girl just growing into your body, the crop top is all but a nightmare. And I am saying that not because I’m conscious my belly would look bloated or something but

6 Unknown things about Printed Dresses

6 Unknown things about Printed Dresses

Printed dresses can be spotted to the Egyptian era, worn by the ‘elite’ as a sign of their wealth and health. Whether it was the east or the west, the prints were always considered exotic and exquisite. For me, the prints piqued in the 70s when print wasn’t a means

20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer’s block edition)

20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer's block edition)

ERTSY FAM! You know how I hit a writer’s block almost every 6 months. Well, creativity is a hard pass when you live an intense life. Plus, it only gets worse the more you get into your ‘adulting’ routines. I started this year with the last leg of my Masters’,

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul

Knitwear Casual: Shopping Haul FemmeLuxe

First blog of 2019, and what a better way than to start with a fashion challenge. In my last shopping haul, in collaboration, with FemmeLuxe, I talked about fitted clothes made me feel conscious and empowered, all at once. A piece that stood out for most of you and me

4 Casual Style Picks: FemmeLuxe Haul

4 Casual Style Picks- FemmeLuxe Haul

With Holiday season afoot, I have been treating myself to shopping sprees a lot lately. Even though it starts with the need to buy gifts for others, it ends up with me buying something for myself. I have no qualms about it though, especially when I discover new & amazing

5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas or is it a lazy fashionista? Well, well, well; I completely understand that loving fashion and being lazy is not a very amicable combination but then, what am I here for if not to make your life easier! *wink* So, I've got 5 awesome lazy fashionista hacks for

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

For those who've stuck around for a while, it is no news that I've been a bundle of insecurities before I started this travel in style blog and it has helped me empower myself in one-too-many-ways. Which is why I hold everything I have learned in the process is very dear

Grown up’s guide to Glittery Fashion

Grown up's guide to Glittery Fashion

If you’ve missed out on it (read: idk what rock are you living under), glitters and sequins are the biggest obsession of the latest style trends for about 2 seasons now. Two fashion cycles for me are enough to say that they’re here to stay. Irrespective of the longitivety though,

TrendWatch: 90s Leather Jacket is Back!

90s Leather Jacket Fashion

The oversized 90s leather jacket is back. No, not the biker jacket you’ve been sporting forever but the one with a boxy silhouette, buttons for zips, and statement collars. The bold colors from the autumn color palette make them look even more Carrie Bradshaw-esque and even touch the Rachel Green