5 Takeaways from the Paradox of Being Busy

Well, it had been long since I talked about mental health and since I took a complete break from blogging last week, it gave me a long time to wonder. Even though I took the break because of my finals, it was also motivated by the constant burden of work

DIY: Creating a Vision Board!

Creating a Vision Board!

As a big believer in the power of manifestation, I have always used vision lists and boards to accelerate my growth. However, it started because of my battle with anxiety that I was suggested by an expert to create a vision board in order to ease my brain from processing

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

5 Music Artists that inspire my creativity

As a person who uses her creativity as an escape, I often find myself uninspired but the music keeps me going. Let me give you some context. I pride myself as a blogger and more recently as a digital artist sharing my stories mainly using my website and Instagram. However,

7 Inspiring Women You Should Know about

7 Inspiring Women You Should Know about

Although you can't celebrate women or the womanhood in a day, International Women's Day is a great reminder and starting point. Originally called International Working Women's Day, it is celebrated on March 8 every year. And, I'm absolutely ecstatic to talk about these awesome, women entrepreneurs who are working at different

5 things on the flip side of blogging

5 things on the flip side of blogging Travel in Style

When I started blogging a 2-3 years ago I was unaware of the flip side of blogging. In fact, I was just an aspirational human being with a lot of creative energy. I wanted to channelize it in a way to create something I'd love and get (more) productive. Even

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine fashion

‘Love Yourself’ - Easier said than done, isn’t it? Well, you need to start somewhere & it’s Valentine’s week. Committed or single, looking for someone or taking a break, this day of love should be special for you. Why? Well, simply because you’re going to celebrating it with yourself. I know

All things Vintage but Gender Equality

Bintage Fashion Feminism Gender equality

I’m a fan of the vintage era but if there’s something from the times of 2nd wave of Feminism that we’re still battling for is gender equality. I mean, the frocks are cute, women appear to be smiling, but it just keeps coming down to the appalling & ridiculous state

Being Blogger: To be or not to be & how to be!

Becoming Blogger Fashion Style Travel

I have been getting a lot of requests in the past months on ‘should I be a blogger?’, ‘how to be a blogger?’, ‘what’s your suggestion to an upcoming blogger’ and so on. So, I decided to create a blog post on the whole deal about blogging once and for

5 Signs you’re an Alpha Female

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

Right from the time we woman are born, we're asked to cover up, hide, be docile, quiet, and everything associated with being ashamed. It is sad, but in one intensity or another, depending on where we are from (culturally), we've all been taught this. However, since a society doesn't stand a