5 Best Beaches in Cote D’azur

It's no surprise that the sunniest region in France - the south- is a vacation dream. In my previous blogs, I detailed on ideal itineraries, day trips, and even good hikes in the region. All that while amazing in itself,  The charm of Cote d’Azur remains in its beaches. With

5 off-beat intermediate Hiking trails in Cote d’Azur

Cote d'Azur is definitely a hiker’s paradise. While you may think it’s just about beaches and city glamour, it’s pretty diverse in terms of geographies. With its aerial views, doable escalations, and well-marked trails, it’s a great place for an intermediate hiker (like me) to dabble into the sport. So,

12 Amazing day trips from Nice/ Cote d’Azur

Landing on the Cote d'Azur or the famous French Riviera, you’ll find Nice to be the closest city. With 300 days of Sun, Nice is as beautiful as it gets. From the city attractions like the world-famous art museums and the picturesque old town with its narrow streets to beaches

5 Chic Beach Vacation Style tips

Hello people! Despite the pandemic dumping on most of our plans for 2020, the part of the world where I’m at (Europe), the entirety of the population seems to either be on a holiday or prepping for a holiday. So, even I broke the spell & have decided to go

1 day in Zurich: Travel Diary

If you happen to be spending a day in the financial capital city of breathtaking Switzerland, there’s a lot more you can do in the city than you thought you could. Don’t believe me? Here’s my 1 day in Zurich travel itinerary to prove my point. First of all, Zurich has

8 Picturesque Things to do in Budapest

Before 2019 ended, I reached a new goal as a traveler, I visited my 20th country. This number, although small was still a milestone number for me. Hungary became the 20th country that I ever visited and Budapest totally lived up to be that milestone city for me. So, I

7 Things to do in Vienna: Travel Diary

7 Things to do in Vienna: Travel Diary

I spent the last week in 2019 in Vienna- the City of Music. Not only was it cold and adventurous but it also was riveting, dreamy, and beautiful. I learned many new things and saw many beautiful places in my 2 days there. So, here’s my list of all the

5 winter festive things to do in Paris

5 winter festive things to do in Paris

With the festivities and the December holiday mood blanketing the entire world, Paris winter stands beautiful and glorious as ever. The weather in the city is chilly (avg between 8°C to 4°C) but crisp & comfortable. The food is warm, sweet, and inviting, and the people well, despite the ongoing

9 Things to do in Istanbul: Travel Diary

Things to do in Istanbul: Travel Diary

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Istanbul, and while I’m still overcome by awe and love for this beautiful city, I wanted to share all about it. From the cultural quirks to the Geographic cliques, here’s a travel diary with top things to do in Istanbul.

Things to do when you Travel to Menorca

Things to do when you Travel to Menorca

‘Live a life you don’t need a vacation from’ has been my drive to do whatever I have in the last few years. So, when I traveled to a remote Spanish island in the Mediterranean last week, it was all called for. Given that it was to do with work