Classy Missy #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Classy Missy

Hey, Ersty fashion lovers! The past week has been so happening with the giveaway and all the excitement and we have some great new people who are now a part of the Ertsy community *cheers to that*. I truly thank you all for the love and hope to make the best of it in the coming time!

Now, for this week’s look, well, it has been pretty delayed already so I won’t push it further away. The Classy Missy is a fantastic mix basics in the most rebellious style and damn does it look good. It has been one of my favourites so far and I believe that this look would suit any casual yet dressy outing and party just fiiine! *grins*

Oh yes, it is for those of you who are fashion forward and well, love to experiment. Also, if you’re 90s fashion-fanatic, you will seriously dig this one. *wink wink* Besides, the classy touch to it is brought about by what we at Ertsy love – the elements! Simple yet majestic, always! From the tie-choker to the lady-bun-hairstyle and the stockings, it is all about the elements that adds dimensions in style. *preach*

So, here it is, the Classy Missy in all its might!




So, boots, shorts, stockings, a smart black cuff-sleeve top and a tie-choker scarf. I obviously take a chic sling bag with it to make it look bomb and also hold my stuff, cause I got to.


I doubled a winter jacket with it which is nude-coloured, sexy and warm all at the same time.

In fact, while I blended in the Parisian Streets perfectly with my original outfit, I could amazingly stand out just by adding some colours. You see, now that’s rebel!


And well, of course then there’s a side lady bun that I twisted my hair into to make it all more manageable and classy with the said rebellion. *wink*


And, damn was it hot!



Oh and about the elements, I have a beautiful pair of earrings and that’s all for accessories with a classic eye-liner and a lip-gloss in the make-up department. The Ertsiest way of looking sassy is and will always be going natural! *Wink*




And that’s a rap for this dope look and I am keen on knowing how you find it and create yours! Meanwhile, stay ertsy and be your own desire! 🙂


Aditi Parashar
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